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How to stop wrapping? Lock Rss

My 7mth old daughter has started waking up during the night again as she is travelling all over the cot and getting out of her wrap. She goes back to sleep once I wrap her again but I would like to stop wrapping her now that summer is here. Every time I put her to bed without a wrap she just cries and rolls all over the cot. Does anyone have any suggestions?

Michelle, NSW, Chloe 7mth

Hi Michelle, My baby is quite a bit younger then yours but has never been wropped. I get a cot sheet and bunch it up so she is kind of hugging it and put one corner over her shoulder kind of tucking it in at the back. She goes to sleep sucking at the sheet as she doesnt have a dummy. Then i can cover her up with another sheet if it cools down. When she is asleep I spread the sheet across her and tuck it into the mattress. It is so hot at the moment for the poor bubbas. Good luck.

jen, mum to sahra born 28.6.04

we haven't been brave enough to wean our baby from his wraps
but I have heard that you do it in stages, first wrap tightly with just one arm out, (maybe just try day sleeps first,) then when she is able to sleep like that say for three sleeps, try with both arms out, and the wrap just around her body, and then finally remove the wrap, apparently it takes three days to break a baby habit....but I am way too scared to try it


Liam Evan, 2

Hi guys
I stopped wrapping Mackenzy when she was about 7 months old. we had had some REALLY bad nights, and at 4am one morning I decided to try the 'control cryng thing'. So, I also thought we would go cold turkey - no wrapping/rocking/singing etc -which I'd done since birth. Anyway at 4am I put her in her cot unwrapped, and she has never been wrapped/rocked etc since. I was very surprised. Like Helena, I was puttting it off, beacuse I really didn't want to go through the sleepless nightscrying etc. But, I didn't end up needing the conrtol crying method either - she has never slept better. SHe had also been fighting the wrap for ages, I ended up double wrapping her! I phoned the Tresillian number in the Blue book, anbd they were great, maybe try them
GOOD LUCK and I hope it works for you as well as it did for me.

Oh, Mack was then able to find her most comfy possie to sleep (on her stomach, and sometimes face), which the wrapping didn't alow.

Merry Christmas to all

Our 2 month old boy has always fought against wrapping so for the last few weeks I have let him fall asleep with arms free, he was like Houdini anyway and usually wriggled until he got his arms out, and he is sleeping fine so far. I started not wrapping with his day sleeps first in case I had to keep settling him but luckily so far so good. I have a couple of sleeping bags which he sleeps in at night so at least he doesn't get cold if he kicks all the blanket/sheet off. During the day I just sneak in after he's fallen asleep and rearrange blanket/sheet to cover him.
Good luck


Leesa, Melbourne

hi there,
with my son i did it gradualy, i stopped wrapping his arms then the next week i only wrapped his legs but i put a bommerang pillow in his cot so he felt like he was being hugged then finaly he didnt need the wrap but he still has his pillow

lani, bathurst, mum to jacob 2 years


you sound like you are doing so very well with your 2 month old!, do you have a sleep routine with him, so he knows its time for bed?...


Liam Evan, 2

I am opposite both my children hated being wrapped from both they both wriggled untill they got their arms free then kicked the blankett off.
I used to try and wrap at bedtime with alot of struggle and crying but when i stopped trying they were happy. Does she have to be wrapped for all sleeps how about in her pram or somewhere else it may just be a routine for her.
First try finding somewhere she can sleep where she feels safe and secure and doesnt need to be wrapped and let her have a couple of sleeps there.
You could start by letting her wear just a nappy (cause of hot weather) and wrapping a little bit looser each time.


I switched from wrapping to using sleeping bags. It is swapping one sleep aid for another but if it works it is worth trying!
Like Helena said, it can be done in stages. My bub's 5mths now and for the last few weeks I'd been doing it in stages. I stayed with each stage until he accepted/was comfortable with it. I loosened the legs first (so arms and torso still wrapped), then stopped wrapping the arms. Then stopped wrapping the torso but still left him sleeping on the wrap for a little while (I think he liked the feeling/texture and smell). Now he is happy to sleep without it, which is convenient especially when out.

Sept 04 baby boy & Dec 06 baby girl

Well Michelle I have just gone back to wrapping my 6month old, she was just kicking off blankets. Now I wrap her arms only, with either the top cot sheet or with one of her bunny rugs, they only just go around her.
When I put her in the cot once wrapped I give her a kiss put in her dummy and thats it. I don't think it is a problem she has normally unwrapped her self about 10 minutes into the sleep but it is just enough time to calm her down. She is teething at the moment but it is still working I am just wrapping her extra tight .
I know SIDS say not to wrap but so long as you are not overheating your baby its not a problem. I have found since going back to wrapping she is having longer naps, even when not wrapped, and is sleeping better because it has taught her to sleep and how to comfort herself.

Sasha's mum

Can i ask whats with wrapping i have never done it as i, i dont know never heard of wrapping i just put blaneks on my girl and tuck them under her so she dont kick them off.

Shelley, NSW, Breanna 19/11/04, Lachlan 5/01/07

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