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I have a 6 month old baby who still wakes for a 9pm feed and then goes through until about 5ish. We have been trying to drop this feed but he continually wakes for it every night and can't settle without it. He is on 3 solids a day and 5 bottles. He doesn't drink much from some of his day bottles so I think that he really needs the night bottle. It is a vicious cycle - how do I break it???? I would like him to be on 3 bottles a day maybe 4 at a pinch and I really want to drop the 9pm bottle. Any ideas???
Hello Katie, my son is 10 months old and still wakes for a night feed at 3:30am. A midwife told me at 6 months that they are still considered 'young'. I noticed with my son that he started to drop feeds when he was ready, rather than me stopping them myself. He will probably grow out of it. A girlfriend of mine who is bottle feeding her baby had that feed stop at around 7.5 months - then she was sleeping through.

Amanda, Brisbane, 10mth baby boy

Hi Katie,

My son has only ever had 4 bottles a day from when he started sleeping through at about 6 weeks. A couple of weeks ago, (he's now 7½ months old) he just decided one night that he would not drink his bottle and I only managed to get him to drink half of it. The following night I just put him to bed and that was it until the morning and he has been doing it ever since. We have however, been giving him some dessert like custard to eat just after his shower, so I guess that helps too. But it was his decision to drop the bottle and I have been told that's when you know they don't want it anymore. It works the same with the other bottles, apparently.

You'll know when it's time.

Hi Katie,

It isn't good to hear that you are still not getting a full nights sleep. I guess i have been very lucky my now almost 5 month old son has been sleeping through since about 2 months we started getting him into a routine early at 6.30 he would have his bath and then a bottle and then bed and one night he went to bed at 7 and slept through until 6.30 - 7 the next day and has been doing it ever since apart for the last couple of weeks because the poor little darling had chicken pox and he was constantly waking up itchy. But i find that if he goes to sleep with a full tummy at night he just sleeps through it also helps that he is only napping through the day because he wants to know everything that is happening in the house. i have never really wrapped him at night because he hasn't liked it he likes to have room to move but one thing that has really helped is that he has a cloth nappy that he holds onto he wraps his little arms around it and it is just a comfort thing for him, he knows that as soon as i give that to him it is sleep time and it has worked beautifully. I don't know whether any of this has helped you but i hope you get to have a full nights sleep soon

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Hi my daughter is now 11 mths old and kept having a night feed until she was nearly 10mths old, for about a week she slept through then had a few nights where she would wake for a feed and now she sleeps through every night.
I know its hard but i think babies make their own sleeping patterns and he will drop the night feed and sleep through when hes ready.
I got my daughter into a routine of having a bottle for morning and afternoon tea of 180mls and one before bed of 240mls and a regular bedtime which has worked really well at settling her for the night.

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Hi, I too have a six month old, daughter Jamieson. I have been trying to get her to sleep through for the last month. I am feeding her but have started to give her a bottle in the evening. She goes down about 7pm but wakes for feeds at midnight and again at about 3am!! I really need some sleep. You are doing pretty well if he sleeps until 5 but it is hard isn't it. I think the sleep deprivation gets to you at about the four month mark then you just start to function tired. I have tried controlled crying or screaming as it is and giving her water but I can only stand it for so long. I think our babies will drop those feeds and sleep through when they are ready! My son slept through at 10 weeks so all kids are different! I think you are doing really well and I am sorry that I don't have any new ideas for you. He wont be waking forever!
Good Luck

Mel, WA ,6mth baby


I have 5month old twins and they could not be more different in their sleeping patterns. The younger one has slept through for the last 3 weeks we do however wake hime between 9pm and 11pm for his last feed. The elder one always wanted to party at around 2am. Our nurse suggested we wean him off the night feed. As they are bottle feed, we just reduced the strength of the formula each week and he soon worked out that it wasn't worth waking up for a feed as there was no substance in it. He sleeps better now - from about 10pm until 5am-6am - which is bliss. Getting up every 4 or so hours is a killer. Our boys still have different sleep patterns so we work around it. We will drop the 9pm -11pm feed for the younger one soon I think.

Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

I have 10 mth old twin boys. They have different sleep patterns the elder twin sleeping through from 5mths and the other from 7mths. I weened the younger twin off the 3am feed but continued with the 10pm feed and he would sleep through to 5am. Gradually he just drank less formula from the 10pm bottle and then I decided to cut it out completely when he would only drink 50mls of it and he has slept through to 5am ever since. But I never rushed it, I went with what he needed.

justine, VIC, twins boys


It seems our boys are very similar in their eating habits. How do you go with giving them baby food/rice cereal etc?

PS Happy to chat re twins my email address is [email protected]


Victoria ~ 3yr old beautiful twin boys

My boys eat three meals a day now. I started them of on rice cereal which they didn't really like. So I decided to just by the Heinz baby cereal in the jars. Once they started to eat solids really well (after about 2mths) I went back to the boxed rice cereals and also added pureed fruit to it. They love it! After 6mths you can get multigran and museli cereals which they prefer. At the start I would give them cereal at 10am as they would both be up together otherwise we would be feeding all day. I found it didn't matter what time I gave them the cereal in the beginning as they were just learning about solids and eating from a spoon. Now they have their breakfast 8am.

PS love to chat re twins too, my email address is [email protected]


justine, VIC, twins boys

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