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Hi there, now that it's summer my 8 month old wakes up early - really early - sometimes before 5am. She also wakes my toddler up who really would like to sleep more. I wouldn't mind so much if she went to sleep earlier but she still struggles to stay up most nights until 7.30 to 8pm. I don't think she's getting enough sleep at night. She has two sleeps during the day - one for an hour or so and the other one for a couple of hours and she usually wakes from this last sleep by 4pm. I have tried blacking out the light with heavy curtains but this didn't make much difference. She is a really good baby otherwise but the early starts are very tiring. Any ideas?

Jane, Qld, 3yr old and 8 month old

Hi Jane,

I don't know if you've read any of my other posts, but I love to recommend a book to people that we found so helpful with our daughter. We had a lot of trouble with her sleeping, and it helped us toget it all sorted out, but even in a case like yours where there isn't really a big problem, it could be helpful. Basically it helps you to establish or even just adjust baby's sleeping routines as well as giving lots of advice as far as regulating sleep, correcting problems and really good basic information about infant sleep.

If you're interested, I can let you know the details of it.

Best wishes. Hope to hear from you soon.

Smiles! smile
Have you tried putting her to bed at 7pm? Sometimes (why, I don't know) putting young kids to bed earlier makes them wake up later. Very strange but it has worked with my daughter - 1/2 hour early makes her stay in bed 1 hour later.

Cymantha, NSW, DD 20/12/2003

Hi Cymantha,

Wow, I've never heard of anything like that before. My little girl has been waking a bit earlier, (sometimes 5.30ish) on and off for a little while. I'm gonna give what you said a go. Her bed time has been 7.30, but we'll try 7pm for acouple nights and see how that goes.

Hi Shani,

My little boy (6mth) sounds just like your little one. His last feed is at about 7pm and usually asleep by 9 or so. We are still getting into a routine however his been going to bed by 9 for the past week but seems to want to wake up at 4 every morning.

I am finding that he's going to bed with a short sleeve top or suit on and wakes up cold in the early morning.

I keep a warmer top beside him for that 4am wake up. Usually takes me 1/2 hour to put him back to sleep.

Anyway, all the best...Trial and error I suppose.

I also have an early riser. Its very tiring isnt it!
I have noticed that she will sleep a bit longer though, if she goes to bed a bit earlier. It sounds strange i know, but it just seems to always work out that way. Wishing everybody some sleep ins!!!
Hey Joanne,

Thanks for the encouragement and support. It's much appreciated.

I know what you mean about them waking cold and stuff, we're having a bit of a puzzle with that at the moment as it's been quite hot here (so much to need the a/c on so Alynta's comfortable for the night, but then she keeps kicking the covers off. We have a grobag I started using again, but then she seems to have probs findingher dummy mid night. Anyway, I'm sure it'll be sorted soon.

If you're interested in a fantastic resource to help with sorting your routine, you may be interested in checking out a book called On Becoming Baby Wise at . It's fantastic and has worked absolute miracles for us. If you want any info abouthow we used it please feel free to ask.

Take care & thanks again. It was great to hear from you. Best wishes.

Thanks everyone for your advice.

Just wanted to let you know that I have been putting the little miss and her brother to bed as early as I can - aiming for 7 to 7.30 and they have both slept later (about six am) for the last two mornings!

Will look up the book you recommended thanks Shani.


Jane, Qld, 3yr old and 8 month old

I have been putting Lochie to bed at six at night since he was two months old and he has always slept until seven the next morning. If he has a late night, he wakes around six so I try not to keep him up late unless I really have to. I found putting him to bed at six gave me time to do more (plus we can eat dinner in peace!). I am also lucky my husband is home from work at 2.30pm so they still get lots of time to spend together before bed! So I would agree, early to bed and you will get a longer sleep in!

My babies are all grown up sad

Hey Jane,

You're so welcome. Glad to hear they've been sleeping a bit later for you.

Good luck with the book, if I can help in anyway, let me know. Love to hear how things go.


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