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Hi To All the Mums of this topic,

Hope you all had a great X-Mas and Happy New Year. Sorry I haven't been online for a while (the days seem to get away from me!smile!smile and saw this post again today.

Thought I'd reply since I posted the very first post. Well our little girl is still going great since we did the control comforting and didn't go in and replace her dummy all the time. We haven't actually completely taken her dummy away, we gave it to her when she first went down and then if she lost it instead of replacing it we implemented the control comforting techniques.

We are very fortunate that our bubs is sleeping 7pm - 6.30am since she learnt to put herself back to sleep through the night. Since she is nearly 8 months, she has also learnt to replace the dummy on her own during the night if she really wants it, otherwise she just goes back to sleep without it.

It was very hard to do the control comforting but we haven't looked back since.

I hope that all the mum's who are going through the situation now know that you have all our support, and that we are thinking of you. There is definately light at the end of the tunnel.

Keep us updated on how you go, and we are always here if you need a chat.

Mum & Baby Girl 31.05.04

Hi you didn't say if u were breast or bottle feeding.
My son now 6 months old went through a stage at 2 months ( iwas breast feeding) waking every 2 hours 4 the breast ( i wasnt using a dummy) after about 2 weeks of no sleep - I put him on formula and gave him a dummy (best thing i ever did)
My son sleep from 6pm to 5.30am he has a full tummy from dinner ( one full jar of food) u could try gettin into a bed time routine say bath dinner then bottle (or whatever works for you) and hopefully she will be satisfied and relaxed and give u a peaceful night. Hope this helps u let me know how u go!


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