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Hi Shani,

Sorry I haven't responded sooner, have been flat-chat and this is the first time I've been on the computer for a week.

Well thanks for your post, your support and encouragement is great. Well, SC is still sleeping through the night which is great, we are all so much happier now. I did have to attend to her 2 nights ago (which is fine as I know this will happen every now and then) but last night she was fine again.

We have had a bit of trouble sorting her day sleeps out (but she was still sleeping through the night so it wasn't effecting her) but we are gradually getting there. It just takes time and she is doing things at her pace which is fine.

Glad to hear that you have solved the grobag problem and hopefully Ally is feeling better after her cold.

I will drop an email to you tonight as bub has just woken.

Take Care

Mum & Baby Girl 31.05.04

hey Learning Mum!!!

So great to hear from you!! That's k, I know the feeling!! That's k, glad to be able to help and be here for you.

So good to hear bubby sleeping through. Goodnights make such a difference huh?? No zombie Mums in sight here!! Hehe! Yeah you're right about the occasional not so great nights. Sounds like you know just how to handle them though - great work Mum!!

Yeah, the daytimes will all fall into place eventually too, then you won't know what to do with yourself!

Ally is getting better - she shared it with me though (sweet sharing girl that she is grin) so I'm currently trying to recover also.

I look very forward to hearing from you later. Have a great afternoon!

I was just interested reading all of these replies because we had the same problem with my son who is now over 3. For a few months he cried on and off for his dummy in the middle of the night until my husband and I were driven crazy. We did use a dummy strap (homemade one without any pins to help him get it himself). But happy to report that it was a stage and he has been an excellent sleeper ever since.

People have such strong views about dummies but I always found my son took great comfort in his especially when really tired or when travelling.

When he turned one we said he couldn't have it except to sleep and used to put it away in a cupboard between sleeps.

When he turned three we said you're a big boy now - cut it up and threw it in the bin - he quite happily gave it away. I'm so glad he had it for when he need it though.

Now my daughter who is 81/2 months has a dummy as well. She's not as attached to it as her brother was and doesn't seem to need it to sleep at night so I don't know if it's bad habit as much as different children. Anyway we'll let her have for as long as she needs it (or until she turns three and becomes a big girl!).


Jane, Qld, 3yr old and 8 month old

hi learning Mum
My daughter is 6 months (22/5/04) and we are having the same problem and i am almost at my wits end, i just tried putting her down for her morning sleep without her dummy as this is what i was advised to do and it was impossible as soon as she had her dummy she zonked out straight to sleep. She is in the habit of waking up every 1-2 hours at night and the same thing go it put her dummy in her mouth she's alseep before i leave her room. She is also waking up for a feed still to but i don't know weather she actually needs it or just takes it because she has woken up for her dummy. How did you get you baby to start sleeping through? It's so hard!!

Karli QLD

Hi Emmy's Mum,

I'm so sorry to hear that you are having problems with your daughter's sleeping at the moment.....let me say I DEFINATELY know what you are going through!!!

Firstly, my birthday is aslo the 22nd May, and my daughter was born on 31st May!!smile

Well I'm glad to say that things can change for you as they did for us which we are extremely thankful for.

We actually had to do modified control crying to get our daughter out of the habit. At first it is extremely hard but by the second night we had her sleeping through. The only reason we resorted to this is because we were all sleep deprived after 3 weeks of waking every hour and then it got down to 20-30mins.

We didn't take the dummy completely off our daughter, what we did is put her down to sleep with it, and if she woke up once it had fallen out we started the CC instead of replacing it. That way she learn't that she had to put herself back to sleep without the dummy. Now we have a daughter who goes down with the dummy but when she looses it throughout the night she wakes up and then instead of us having to go in and replace it she now goes back to sleep.

She did this after about the 3rd night of CC. Her day sleeps took a little longer, and I thought she'd never get into a pattern but I'm glad to say she has sorted that out as well.

There is a book that was recommended to me by another mum called 'Baby Wise which I purchased from a website I think it is on sale at the moment for $14.95. This may help you, especially with the night feeding issue. With the dummy issue, I actually got the assistance from my health nurse as I didn't find too much info in the book, but as I said it is GREAT for feeding related issues.

I agree with you that it is hard and extremely frustrating when your bub is waking so often but I really do hope that your little girl starts to allow you some more sleep. It does make a huge difference

I hope this has helped a little bit? If you need anymore information I'm more than happy to help.

Good-luck and I will be thinking of you.

Mum & Baby Girl 31.05.04

thank you for your advice, we will give it a go because we are all getting very sleep deprived also and i haven't had a full night's sleep since i was about 8 months pregnant and i am beigining to forget what that feels like.
i will keep you posted as to what happens

Karli QLD

hi learning mum,
I had no idea, others were going through the same thing, I have not had any sleep in 3 weeks, as my daughter jada (5.5months) wakes every 30mins. She sleep through from 7 weeks, but just recently has started waking for the dummy & rolling over in her cot to play. Even as a newborn she has never cried, so I am really nervious about the cc option, but I realise this is what I have to do. Could you please give me some tips on the cc & how you did it

thanks heaps

karen, nsw, Jada, 7 months

Hello all fellow mum's with a dummy problem. Must admit I've scanned this site since approx 6 months pregnant - now mum to a beautiful 5.5 month old little boy (Cooper) - and this topic sparked my interest to join up. The experiences discussed are so like my own & v interested in solutions offered.

Cooper has slept through (eg. 11.00pm - 5.00am) probably 4 times ever & my nights usually start with dummy reinserts anything from 12 midnight to 3am on the hour / every hour until getting up at 7.00am for first feed. Cooper falls straight back to sleep when I replace his dummy (usually lodged under his neck or in his hand - hasn't quite worked out how to let go!)

Luckily I have an amazing hubby who has always done the last feed (approx 11.00pm) - either expressed milk or now formula - so I grab sleep from 8.30pm to first wake up.

We've attempted controlled comforting (cc).... & I needed the comforting afterwards. Like the solution offered of going down with the dummy but then cc back to sleep. Think we may just need to prepare for 3'ish days of crying & stick to the 'no dummy reinserts' rule. May be our Xmas project!

Like acidrascus & other mums I'd be very interested on how others have broken this sleep association. Both Cooper & I need a full nights sleep. Thanx : )

I really must be strong and give the cc a try. Aleisha goes down with a dummy at about 8ish and then does not wake until 12 - 1am. It is hard to know whether it is really the dummy at fault because when she wakes I always offer a bottle and she pigs that down like she has never been feed!! From there is when we have our trouble. Some nights she will go down as good as gold (with the dummy again) and sleep until 4 - 5ish but other nights she is a little ratbag and will settle for about an hour and then start waking all the time. She does not drink much during the day (her biggest feed times are at night - I suppose less distraction and she just gets on and drinks it so that is why I offer the bottle during the night and obviously she still wants it.

How old where your bubs when you stopped giving them a bottle at night??

Will be interested to hear from everyone. Good luck to those trying the cc and it will be good to hear how you are getting on.


Aleisha''s Mum

hi katrina,
Jada was bottle feed from about 5 weeks old, & stopped needing a night bottle about 10weeks. My local nurse told me to make sure she was drinking about 180mls to get her through the night. Even though I know a night bottle would help Jada sleep better at 3am in the morning at the moment, I have never gone back to giving her the night bottle for fear of her then wanting it all the time. I know she is not starving of a night, as she isn't desperate for the bottle when she wakes at 7am in the morning. hope this helps

jada's mum Karen

karen, nsw, Jada, 7 months

we started feeding our baby boy Liam at 11.00PM (dream feed) and thi sees him through to @ 7.00AM
otherwise he would have his last bottle at 6-7.00PM, and wake up screaming for room service at 3.00-4.00AM....we don't wake him just lift him out of his cot, press the bottle teat to his lips, and he drinks, sometimes a walloping amount, and then out him straight back to sleep. This has worked for us, but I have heard that this has not worked for other mums, so something to think about anyway...


Liam Evan, 2

Hey Karen,

I had exactly the same experience with my bub that seems to be your problem now. She was sleeping through like a dream from about 8weeks and about 5.5 months suddenly started waking at night. I handled it all the wrong way at the time and ended up with major problems and no sleep for about 2.5months!! Yeesh - didn't make for very happy families I can tell you.

Anyways, I'd recommend the book that Learning Mum mentioned further back, 'On Becoming Baby Wise' as it's great to guide you through the modified controlled crying/comforting. It doesn't focus specifically on the dummy issue, but the principals that they discuss apply in the same way for that situation. I also found as someone who'd tried CC before and not had success as I felt sooooo bad that it gave my a lot of confidence (I felt I had an action plan laid out) and understanding of what I was doing and why. Great too for being able to explain it to well meaning queries if need be. hehe.

Anyways, I believe that Learning Mum mentioned the website from which it's available, but if I can help at all or if you have any questions, please ask.

Take care and Ihope you get some more sleep soon.

Shani smile
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