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sleep school- QEC, Noble Park, VIC Lock Rss

Hi to everyone, this is my first post, so i apologise if someone has already discussed this.
Has anyone been to the Queen Elizabeth Centre in Noble Park for their 5 Day stay??

I'm due to go next month and wondering if any mums out there know a bit more about their techniques.
I'm hoping it's not all about controlled crying, i've been through it with my daughter, and it has never worked.
Any news about their stay would be great.

Sharon,VIC, 8 1/2 month old girl, 16 yr step-son

Hi Sharon,

Sorry I haven't been to a sleep school, but I did have heaps of sleep troubles with Alynta my little girl. I tried 'controlled crying' with her and couldn't do it, but there's a book that was loaned to me, and made all the difference. She's now in great sleep patterns and sleeps through.

Let me know if you'd like any info.
Smiles! smile
I havnt been to QEC, but I went to South Eastern (Dont know if this is an option?) QEC does do cc (a friend of mine went) SE doesnt which is why I chose it. QEC is meant to be good, you get private rooms etc but like I said it does do CC.

I can not speak highly enough of SE, it really worked for my DD and no crying!

Good Luck

Mumma to DD1 Jan 04 and DD2 Mar 06

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