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11 month who does not like to sleep through the night Lock Rss

Any body have any good ideas? I give him a bottle about 1030 / 1100. He eats well at night. During the day he sleeps about 2-3 hrs only. Since he was born he has only slept for 9 hrs once, usually only 6-7hrs, Maybe I am doing something wrong?
Or he is going to be one of those kids...

Well thanks for any information, passed my way.
Have a good day Regards Caz:)

vic, 11 month little man

hi i also have a 11mth old, and am having the same problem. he used to sleep right through the night from the age of 6mths but has recently stops. i also give him a bottle around 10pm he will sleep till 2am have another bottle and sleep till 6:pm. i have put this prob down to teething he has four teeth and another 2 just there, i dont know if your son i teething or how bad, but giving him bonjela when i put him down tends to help. my son aslo only sleeps 2-3hours during the day, i know some babies get to the stage where they dont need as much sleep it could just be that. i dont think you are doing anything wrong it might just be the way your baby does things, if he is teething maybe pamol or bonjela may help. hope this helpful and your not alone.

good luck
hi My 11mth old girl has only just started sleeping through again, we used to just feed her when she woke up in the night and after about 2 weeks she started sleeping through the night again.
It is hard work getting up in the night but dont get into the habit of putting her into bed with you as we did that whenever she woke up becouse we couldnt be bothered making a bottle and it is hard to break the cycle

2 little darlings 29/01/03 + 17/03/05

With all my six children I have never had one that has 'slept throught the night' on their own accord. I have always used the controlled crying method at around 8 months of age. It's hard, sleep-deprived work but it usually only takes about 3-4 nights and they eventually get the message that they are not going to get a feed or be played with. It's hard to listen to but its worth it if you can stick it out! My daughter was the worst and I eventually had to take the bottles off her permanently at about 20months. That was 10 years ago, my boys were a little easier to 'train', but now I have another daughter (finally) who's only 6 months old and I'm hoping she won't be as bad as her older sister. I don't think she will because she has a totally different nature. We'll see!

Brenda, 6 kids, NT

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