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Teething and sleeping Lock Rss

Hi to all mums
I have a 10 1/2 month old boy and at the moment
he is having a bad time teething he is getting all his teeth at once first tooth came out 4 days ago now the 2nd tooth is coming and the has been pooing
heaps 4 to5 times is that normal ?

His sleeps have been really bad up every 1 hour and even when i go in there to give him his dummy he just cries and pushes it away. He has never been
a good sleeper but with his teething has got worse
we give him nurofen, bonjela you name it we have
it sometime it works others it dosent.

I just wanted to know did anyone else have this
problem with teething and sleeping and what did you
do. Its hard to know if it is teething or bad sleeping habits iT never ends.

Any advice would be great. Mary B

Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03

Hey Mary,

Sounds like the two ofyou are having a terrible time!! Poor little thing!

My little girl did seem to get her teeth in groups of two except the last one. (She has seven now) She also tends to doa lot of poos when she's having teeth pain. Maybe it's like us getting an upset tummy when we're really stressed upset or in pain (or maybe that's just me).

Don't know if you've already tried it, but there's a homeopathic/natural product called teething relief (it's a liquid with a dropper) made by Brauer. it's available insome pharmacies and I saw it in a local health food store here the other day. We use it for Alynta and it seems to do ok.

You probably won't be able to do anything much with Michael's sleep routine as long as he's teething, 'cause you need to make sure you're available for him. (Which obviously you're doing a great job of) the thing to watch is just not letting it turn into bad habits. If you're interested, I can tell you about a book we used that helps you deal with all that type of thing and get bubby into a good routine. We didn't start 'til she was 8mnths, so it's never too late.

Thinking of you both.

Smiles! smile
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