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baby wont go to sleep without blanket on face Lock Rss

hi mums

my 7 mth old daughter wont go to sleep unless she has a blanket over her face which worries me. it has been going on for 3 mths now. she crys whenever i take it away from her and settles when she has it back over her face and now she wakes up when i take it away from her face after she has fallen to sleep.
is there any mothers that have the same problems or have any suggestion or how to get her out of this blanket habbit

i would appericate any help

first time mum


Both me and my sister had babies that needed a blanket over their face. People often stopped us out in public unaware that this was our only saviour to sleep deprivation. They too started around 3-4 mths. We either snuck in once asleep and pulled it back and tucked it under their cheek which helped them to get used of it off the face. (At night we would remove it completely once asleep). We also cut the blankets down to a much smaller size so that there is less chance of fully covering their face and used a thin fabric that they could breath through a bit easier. They all outgrew this after a couple of months but still have a blakie to sleep with which they hold or rub against they face.

Good luck with whatever you choose.

Christine, WA, 3 1/2yr old, 2yr old and 4mths preg

Hi Stephy,

I have to admit I was really surprised to read your post. I have never heard of anything like it, but I was just wondering what your little ones actual sleep patterns and stuff are like besides the blanket issue??

Thinking of you.

Smiles. smile
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