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A few months ago, my 9mth old girl dicsovered that she could stand up in her cot - Yay!!?? We adjusted the matress height, and she didn't do it for ages. Then, a few weeks ago she would wake and then stand up and would cry/scream/talk until we got her. Now, she stands as soon as I put her in her cot, and unless I stay with her - singing and patting her to sleep, she'll continue to scream. I do not want to get back into the habit of patting her which I did for her first 6 months. I would love any advice.
My little man man sits up as soon as you leave.I use the "It's time to sleep' regime for him. I lay him back down and tell him its time to sleep. I just persevere, when he is relly tired he just falls asleep and I go in there and make him comfy. Goodluck.
Hey Michelle,

Dunno if it would help, but a great book for dealing with sleep problems and even just getting babies into a great sleeping routine is called 'On Becoming Baby Wise' - it's written by Gary Ezzo & Robert Bucknam (both doctors I think). Anyways, it helped us heaps with our little girl. She's 12mnths now and sleeps like a dream.

If you want anymore info, just let me know. Hope things improve for you. grin

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