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Hates pram,going 4 walks and shopping! Rss

Hi Vika

Maybe try and ring your local baby health clinic or ask a baby nurse at a pharmacy. They get to know the local mums and babies, so might be worth a try.

Good luck.
I know what it's like but have luckily found some wonderful mums and bubs this way.


mum of 2

Hi, ladies!
Am I the only one?.... All my friends' babies love going outside, do not mind shopping centres and are generally happy to ride in their prams. But not my 9 months old baby girl! I can't understand the reason. She would stay in her pram for 10 minutes, then gets bored (i think), dosn't want to play with toys and just wants to be picked up and carried. She loathes shopping (which I need and love to do) as well. I look at other mums strolling with their bubs in the park or going to do their shopping and I get a bit upset. It is not about going to the shops all the time, but even a stroll in the local park turns into a disaster every time! She just gets upset and would not calm down untill is picked up....
Can anyone suggest something?..... I hope so.
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