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What determines how long a baby sleeps and naps for? Lock Rss

My to be 7 month old baby used to sleep for 30 minutes (which drove me nuts sometimes!) but for some miraculous reason, he started sleeping longer - from 45 minutes and sometimes up to 2 and a half hours when I'm super lucky. We're talking day naps/sleeps here! He has plenty of sleep associations (ie pushed in the stroller during the day, and the breast at nights) so I thought that this was the reason why his sleeps were so short. I'm still not keen on letting him cry it out...nor have I tried the comfort crying method persistantly..Keegan's a VERY determined baby and I'm just praying he'll grow out of it! (haha, I know I'm just dreaming)
Does anyone know what determines a baby to sleep for longer stretches of time? He currently sleeps in his stroller during the day in our room with Kenny G on!

Frazzled mom, loving it tho'

not sure if this helps... but....
when a baby is first born it sleeps in 20 minute cycles, and then wakes up and needs to learn how to put itself back to sleep, some time, I think in their first 6 months or so that 20 minute sleep cycle becomes @ 45minute to 1 hour long, so they sleep longer, wake up, and then need to put themselves back to sleep...don't know why it is that babies don't need to learn to cry or look sad!, and everything else is such a struggle!

Liam Evan, 2

Dear Helsyd

Thank you for your reply. Over the last few days Keegan has gone back to being very unsettled and would only sleep for 30 - 45 minutes MAX. Its driving me crazy. And he's now learnt how to SCREAM really loud. It seems to me that he used to sleep much longer when he was a baby and now..I'm not sure. He sure hasn't learnt how to put himself to sleep..that would be a miracle. Maybe he's teething or he knows that he's got him mom wrapped round his little fingers!

Frazzled mom, loving it tho'

I'm so sorry to hear that... is so very hard on us, and hard to get anything done, when they do not sleep much...hopefully someone else here with an older child can give you some advice....
Have you thought of sleep school?...

I know I'll be charging off the moment that Liam starts getting really unsettled!...
the first five weeks in our home were hellish, until we had him in a good routine, but I do not expect it to stay this way forever!...


Liam Evan, 2

Dear Helena

I was wondering if Helsyd was really your name smile

My SIL actually (with 2 kids of her own - first was also breastfed till 15 months) told me that when they go through a growth spurt, they tend to sleep longer. I wonder if this is true and whether there are any other factors affecting their sleep duration. Keegan's back to sleeping for 1.5 hours this morning..sooooooooo who knows? All I can say to myself is - be prepared for the next unsettled period!
Sleep school is my last option. I've booked once but we had so much goin on in our home (ie painters/putting hse on mkt so on) I postponed it. I'm not too keen on the whole idea so just hoping that he will grow out of it!
How old is Liam now? Sounds like you got him in a pretty good routine!

Frazzled mom, loving it tho'

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