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Toddler demands bottles through night Lock Rss

Hi - my daughter will be two next month and still isn't sleeping through the night. She goes to bed with no fuss at 7.30pm every night and settles herself to sleep (with dummy). The problem is when she wakes at about midnight and then 4.00am for a bottle - we've tried control crying, but she can scream hysterically for three and a half hours at a time! - we give in as we feel this isn't fair on her (or us!). We have a five month old son who sleeps from 7.30pm to about 5.30am every night - we are wondering why their sleeping habbits are so different and what we can do to get our daughter to sleep like her brother. My husband and I both work full time and it is starting to take its toll on us! Help!
Hi I hope I can help my daughter is 3 but she gave her dummy up at 6 months.
She used a bottle until she was 3 just for bed time.
You could try giving her half a bottle with just water.
I used to do that to my daughter but she would ask for something else i used to put a drop of cordial for the colour. After a while they sick of water and dont want it. I told her she has a water bottle or no bottle. I gave her a choice bottle with water or she can have a drink of juice as long as she has it in a cup before bed.
Its a bit easier 4 me cause of her age. Try give her the water and she what she does. You could also do her a deal about trying to give her dummy away before taking her bottle of her.
If she does wake up get her a drink in a cup.


Unfortunately you have to bite the bullet and tell her no. Offer her water and that's it. Maybe when you're both on holidays and can get a rest during the day. there is not other solution to this. She's already worked out that you'll give in (as would i if faced with this - three hours is enough for a saint).


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