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My baby is due in Summer and i have been looking at the summer sleeping bags. Can anyone help me with the question i keep asking myself. Why would i need one?
As the nursery gets quite warm what would be the difference in putting bub in a summer grobag with just a nappy to putting bub in a vest and nappy and no blanket. I cant imagine needing a blanket because id be too scared of baby overheating or do i still need a light blanket. My daughter was born at the begining of autumn so i didnt have these queries with her. I find the summer season alot more scary with a tiny baby and the risk of overheating.
Any advice would be very appreciated. Thank you. Cheers Dawn

Dawn,WA ,Chloe 3.5, Danielle born 17th dec 2004

Hi Dawn
We had our son last dec when the hot weather started and we used to put him in a singlet and nappie and wraped him in a muslern wrap you can get it at lincraft it was great because there skin breaths through it.
Hope this helps

Michael, Vic, Born 11-12-03

Hi Loubielou

Congratulations on your pregnancy. I had my baby last summer and i was wondering the same thing as you back then.
What i have found is that it gives them a sense of security and they tend to settle better like this and resettle themselves back to sleep when they have a familiar comforter.
It also removes the need for a top sheet, so no possibilty of loose bedding in the cot.
Of course, when it is extremely hot you wouldnt need to use a sleeping bag at all.Just dress bub in a nappy and singlet.
Hope this helps you, good luck smile
HI Dawn
My son was born in december last year in the middle of qld summer. When we got home I just had him in a long sleeved short legged suit with a light blanket over him. The long sleeves were because he always slept with his arms out so that was to just keep them warm (we had a airconditioner that his dad cant live without). But by time he was 1 month old he didnt like blankets, so I just put him in a normal grow suit which I found to be fine with or without the aircon on. It does depend on your bubs though as he or she might like something else. You will know what to do when the time comes ideas are just that ideas, your his or her mummy and you will know whats best. Good luck and congrats!!

Mummy to 3 Boys

Hi Dawn,

I didn't dicover the Grobags 'til Autumn/Winter this year but with coming into Summer now, I've been wondering the same thing for my little girl since she loved her winter one.

Last Summer though, we didn't even have a singlet on her most of the time, just a nappy. We are in central Qld and at the time had no A/C. Mid Summer is awful here. I guess it's something you just have to feel out as you go. Good luck
Hi Dawn,
I didn't use sleeping bags with my daughter born Feb 2002, however she was wrapped. My son born Nov 2003 was also wrapped but have recently started using sleeping bags with him. I prefer the sleeping bag to sheets/blanket for safety reasons and I like to tuck the end under the matress to prevent kicking/moving. It depends a lot on how well your baby sleeps. My children startled themselves and woke easily without being wrapped. I also found that if my children became cold throughout the night they would wake. I think sleeping bags are great as long as your baby is happy to sleep with his/her arms out.
All the best

mum to Alexandra 2 1/2,Nicholas 11months

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