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My 10 month baby has never been a good sleeper, and has never slept through the night. Up until 3 weeks ago, she was waking at about 11.00 pm for a feed, then slept through until 3.00 - 4.00 am for another feed. She recently had gastro then a cold, and since then has not slept for more than 1 to 2 hours at a time. This means I'm up to her 4 - 6 times a night. I've tried controlled crying, but she just cries and cries and cries and will not settle until I pick her up and feed her. Can anyone offer any advice? I'm exhausted and so is the baby.
Hi Di,
Does your baby have a dummy? If not that is worth a go. My daughter is nearly 9mths of age and if she wakes during the night I just go and pop the dummy in and she falls straight back off to sleep and pulls it out when she's ready.
I honestly believe controlled crying is not for everyone, Ella will just lay there and cry until she's sick and it's not worth it.
If you ever want to send an email, my address is [email protected]
I hope I've helped a little, I understand how tired you must be.

Louise, Brisbane Qld. Mum to Ella and Luca

Hi Di and Loulou,

i also have the problem with my son waking frequently over night. Sometimes he can wake every hour, other nites only once or twice, but still i find it exhusting just having to wake and pop in his dummy.

He used to be an excelent sleeper but as soon as i put him on to formula he started waking. After he got sick (unrinary track infection then a cold) he's been so much worse. i've tryed putting extra layers on at night thinking maybe he's cold over night.

As both of your babies, Adam will just cry and cry untill i pick him up/feed him. It seems to be worse if i try controlled crying and make himself sick.

Just thought i'd let you know your not the only one out there, because i know sometimes i feel like Adams the only one that does "something"

Hello Tired Mums,

I used to be like you guys, and I don't know if you read my post on the mother baby unit, but it can change!

My beautiful daughter (now 7 months) was waking up all night long and the only way I could get her back to sleep was to feed her - sometimes every two hours. She doesn't have a dummy....

I finally had enough and booked into a Mother Baby Unit for some help. It was so great. The first two days and nights, the midwives take over, give you a sleeping tablet and say see you in the morning! Then you start to learn how to resettle. I was not a fan of controlled crying, but having a professional there with you makes it a bit easier. I must admit I spent the first two days crying outside her room while she screamed inside, but now she sleeps 12 hours and goes to sleep in about thirty seconds when I put her down. If she does wake in the night, she can usually put herself back to sleep without any help from me...

You chould look into it, it was worth it for us..

Not Tired Anymore!

Summer, VIC, 7month old daughter (Eden)

I used to get up to my daughter every couple of hours until we put her into her own room at 6 months (she's now 7 months) The only way she would go back to sleep was by breastfeeding her to sleep. Now, in her own room, i feed her solids and lots of them, formula or cows milk or juice with her dinner just before she is about to have a bath and go to bed, then i pop her back on the breast quickly for a topup (although she can't possibly need it) and she started sleeping through by herself. The first few night were pure hell, awake every 2 hours, but i'd let her cry a bit, then go in, pull her back under the covers, then leave saying nothing, no lights or anything....after a couple of nights, the time got longer between waking and now, after a month, she sleeps through from 6:30pm ish, to 6 in the morning. Sometimes she wakes at 5am but hey...i can live with that. Maybe if nothing else is working cut out the feeds first, just put her back under the blankets and leave again. Stand outside the door as she'll be bound to be upset for a good while, up to an hour or more even, but just keep going back in after a few minutes and don't speak to her. It's hard, but worth it. you think they won't stop crying but trust me, they baby doesn't stop easily but it onl;y gets easier. Hope you've by now worked it out and things are much easier. Othewise, do as one of the other mums said, go to a unit that helps. I know someone who did and it worked wonders, alot easier on you too.
which controlled crying technique did you use can you explain it?

Claudia, Vic (Bella 2 and Billy8mths

Hi Claudia,

I see your baby is only 8 weeks and I think that the method for under six months old is different than what we used, but what we had to do was put her to bed, tuck her in and use your bedtime catch cry (ours is "nigh nighs bubby") and then leave.

Wait five minutes before going back in and then just retuck, avoid eye contact and say your catch cry again, then leave. Don't hang around in there, she has to know that you mean business. Next you have to wait 7 mins, then do it all again, then 9, 11, 13, and 15 and then 15, 15 etc. You should try to settle for at least an hour during the day and 1 and 1/2 hours at night.

It is very hard and you think that they are going to be sick and its not for you, but then all of a sudden it only takes 45 mins to go to sleep, then 1/2 an hour and one day you don't even hear from them at all.

Eden is 8 months now and has even started to sleep on her tummy, but it still works.

if you want to know more, you can e-mail me at home - [email protected]

Summer, VIC, 7month old daughter (Eden)

Just joined today!
I just read your story and it captured my attention. My son Luke, 8 months old, will sleep 4-5 nights from 8pm to 7-7.30am. On the other nights he wakes for a feed usually 2 or 3am. Should I feed him? I tried on one occasion "controlled crying" and he was still crying an hour later. What would be your advice? Because he is only waking on 2-3 nights a week, do you think this may mean he is genuinely thirsty?
At this stage I am feeding him because it takes 20 minutes. Not sure what to do.

Bec, Hobart, Luke 3 / Charlie 11wks (16/4/06)

Hi Lukes mum,

Not that I'm an expert or anything but from what I have been told - at your boys age he should not need food overnight. That is what the midwives at the mother baby unit told me. And I was exactly the same as you - I did it cos it took 20 mins and we were both back to sleep with minimal fuss.

Eden still does not need feeding overnight. If she wakes, and she sometimes does, I just retuck and leave. She settles herself pretty quickly now, but there was a few nights in the beginning where she screamed for up to 1 and 1/4 hours.

The hospital told me that you should persist with the controlled crying (if you are doing it) for up to one hour during the day and 1 and 1/2 hours at night. Eden never got to that point, but if he is still going after that long, then feed him, I guess.

I hope I have been some help. Good Luck! smile

Summer, VIC, 7month old daughter (Eden)

My daughter is now three months old and sleeps from 11:30pm to 5am. I weaned her off the 3am feed with cooled boiled water. I would offer her 120ml of cooled boiled water and if still hungry after it would offer her the breast. It took a two days before she didn't need the breast feed and was happy with the water and a few days after that no longer woke for the 3am feed. i know it's different but wouldn't hurt to try I guess. Good Luck!!!

Claudia, Vic (Bella 2 and Billy8mths

Can you please give me details of this mother baby unit as I also live in Vic.

As advised by my child health nurse, I have used the controlled crying technique with my 9 weeks old son ( the exception is that while he is crying I pat and try to comfort him as he is still young), but he still cries and cries and sometimes it is very difficult to see your baby cry intensively for hours.
Threfore I now cuddle him till he is drowsy but not sleep and put him down to his cot. 1/2 an hour later he would wake up crying and then I would either pat him gently till he settle down or if he has been crying intensively I would give him the dummy, can you please tell me if I'm doing the right thing?

Hi mum-in-stress,

It does get better, I swear! The mother baby unit I went to is Mitcham Private Hospital. Ph 9210 3222.

You do have to have private health insurance and the wait is about three weeks. If you don't there are some others but the wait can be up to three months depending on your situation. Some of the public ones are The Grey Sisters and Queen Elizabeth Centre. I don't have contact numbers, but you should be able to look them up.

Hope I could help....

Summer, VIC, 7month old daughter (Eden)

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