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moving up the cot Lock Rss

My DD is 4.5 months old and for a while now she has been moving up the cot in her sleep. We place her down the bottom I check her every now and then and before I go 2 bed each time she is at the top od the cot and in the middle of the night I have to get up about 3 times coz she had moved up again and is hiting her head on the top of the cot or the side and is crying.

I dont know what to do I dont want her to hurt her self any one have any ideas ?????
Hi there!!

This problem is so common its been happening in our house every night for about 2 months now. DS is 6 and a half months and roams his cot all night long. every time I look in on him he is somewhere different either up againts the bars or with part of his leg or arm hanging out. I dont like to move him because he is not a great sleeper and he finds his own most natural position this way. However he does hit his head on the bars and occasionally wakes up crying as a result, I just give him a quick cuddle and put him down in the middle again. If its the head banging thats the problem, how do you feel about cot bumpers? I dont use them only because I know I would be up all night wondering if DS is ok and still breathing. I use a sleeping bag from Big W so no sheets that he can get under and I find that this basicly makes him move around in more of a circle rather than straight up because he cant get as much leverage. Is your cot wooden or metal frame?

Good luck with it and I will read up to see what suggestions you get so I can try them also...

I think its fairly normal for bubs to explore the cot a bit and occasionally hit the side. They really can't do much damage to themselves, it is impossible for them to break their own limbs with their own force. DD has occasionally whacked the side quite hard and not even got a bruise. To start with, she would wake and I would settle her. Within time, she adjusted to the roaming and occasional bump. Now she rarely wakes but if she does, she will roll over and go back to sleep without me doing any-thing.

I suppose my suggestion is to follow the SIDS guidelines as much as you can so bubs isn't getting tangled in any bedding. Let her roam the cot, its really good for them, especially in terms of them self settling as they grow older. Maybe dress bubs more to suit her roaming around and 9 times out of 10, blankets are going to be kicked off. Try not to worry about her hurting herself as she really wont do any damage. Soon enough though, your DD will be crawling, cruising, walking and doing more than enough damage to herself for you to worry about - lol.

Best of luck, it is a stressful time for poor old mum !!!

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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