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Sleep routine and childcare Lock Rss

My 8 month old has been in childcare 3 days a week for 3 weeks since I returned to work and his sleep routine has gone out the window. I expected some changes when he started there but he used to sleep through the night and have good day naps and now he is back to waking through the night and will only go back to sleep by rocking as that is how the childcare centre puts the babies to sleep. We have attempted to tell them that he likes to be left in his cot to go to sleep himself but they insist on rocking all the babies - it's just how they do it! I don't know how to re-teach my baby to go back to sleep by himself as anything I teach him goes out the window when he goes back to childcare. My baby got a cold when he first started there so I was up most nights with him anyway but now he still wakes crying and won't put himself back to sleep. Has anyone else experienced the same problems when putting their baby in childcare?
Hi there,

I'm about to put my 9 month old into childcare and have heard about bubs sleep patterns being stuffed up. Apparently it's partly related to a separation anxiety thing, where they haven't seen you all day, and therefore make the most of your cuddles etc during the night. This can last for about 7-8 weeks until they settle in at childcare. That's one theory anyway, although a possible 2 months of bub being unsettled while you're starting back at work isn't comforting! Maybe he'll settle after this time?

Re childcare, perhaps it's worth staying with them one day and showing them your routine? Or speak to the Director about your wishes? Or, easier said than done, try and get into another childcare centre that respects your wishes. I guess in the current childcare centre, they probably do what's easiest to keep the peace during the day.

Not an easy one, but I hope it gets better for you soon. I might be posting a similar request for help in the near future!!!!!!


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