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Taking her PJ's off Lock Rss

For the first time last night DD took her PJ pants off and threw them out of her cot (along with her little teddy). She did it another two times this morning, little bugga. Any other babies doing this kind of stuff? I am wondering if she knows that by taking them off, I will come in, pick her up and put them back on.

I was wondering if I should get a think sleeping bag to put over her PJ's so she can't take them off. I wasn't sure how a bag would effect her roaming the cot in her sleep or cruising the cot (walking) in the morning.

Any other ideas on this one?

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months


I have thought the same thing re sleeping bags. I don't think they could roam in them. I am too scared of Nina stacking it, she does this enough already.

Why not get her all in one pj's? She won't be able to get those off.
im to scared ds would trip over in a sleeping bag.we got him pjs like a trakkie top and bottom but the it has feet enclosed so they dont get cold then so they cant take it off u tuck the jumper into the pants and it has 2 buttons at the front one on either side u buttton the jumper to the pants and a button in the back.did u get that or am i all over the place?
hey kazi i just read u hurt ur back i hope ur ok i know wot its like wen u get a sore back
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