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Learnt to crawl and now refuses to sleep! Help! Lock Rss

Hi lovely mums,
I've heard this problem is quite common and I have been just trying to ride it out, but I'm starting to go a bit bonkers so thought I'd ask for your thoughts ...

Nina (almost 8 months) started crawling a couple of weeks ago, and since then she can't stay still for long enough to fall asleep. As soon as I put her down she's straight out of the covers crawling round the cot, and now she's pulling herself up to stand as well, which makes it worse. So, she plays for a while then gets really cranky when she can't get to sleep standing up chewing on the cot!

I end up going in to her a million times (taught her to sleep with controlled crying at 3 months, so I use that technique), but she still ends up really upset so I get her up and give her the breast, calm her down and start all over ... it's taking at least an hour and usually longer to get her to sleep at the moment, and often she only goes to sleep when she's so exhausted she nods off on the breast, and I put her down so tired that she doesn't have the energy to get up and hoon around.

I'm worried she's going to forget all the good sleep habits I worked so hard to instill, and I wonder how strict I should be with her, and how long this phase is likely to last? She's driving me round the bend! Help please?

This new forum is strange ...

Hi Vanya

I have an eight month old who has recently learned to stand up in his cot. This has put his sleeping routine out also.

It seems that for the past week all his sleeps have been shorter and I am having the same issue going in time after time and lying him down again.

I am just hoping it is just a phase as he did the same when he learnt to roll over. It seems like for him its fun to do it then when he gets there he gets upset.

So sorry no answers for you but i do understand.

Liz, NSW, Tom (30/08/05)

oh this sounds so hard for you both
im not sure if i have any advice
god i have to look forward to this too

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I agree, that its probably a phase - seems quite common. My only advice is to be careful not to set up new habbits - unles you are prepared to keep them going. I use to let DD go, until she got to that point (cry) where you know they wont settle (hard to explain). I would then go in, lay her back down, stroke her hair and say 'its time for bed' (or some-thing like that). I'd then leave, and wait for that point again. Usually within 2-3 times, DD was tired, she would just fall asleep - in some weird position - lol. It is not unusual for my DD to play in her cot for an hour befor napping, even if the nap is then only half an hour. I am happy with that as she is still resting and she is still having that time out (for her and me).

I think its good to be conscious of your babys routine and to be mindful of her breaking the good sleeping habits you installed. I do believe they test you to see where the boundaries are. If it gets particularly bad then you could try some control crying in the day time - some mums have had great sucess with it.

Another thing I was thinking is that maybe your bubs is changing her routine a little. I'm not sure what you do, but maybe she only needs 2 day naps or even 1 day nap. Its a bit of a guessing game though. Some days DD has refused to nap completely, other days she will have to big 2.5 hour naps. I can't seem to figure out what makes the difference - lol. Best of luck.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

Hi There
My boy is 8mths too and starting to do the commando crawl thing...he still has days sleeps and usually crashes on the floor if i haven't picked him up...but the nights are a problem....he was starting to sleep through now wakes all the time!

Think we just have to ride it out and hopefully they get into their own routine of when they like to sleep or not...well my 1st did it and that's what im hoping for this little fellar.

Sal, two mischief boys 4yrs & 16 mth's

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