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is controlled crying for me? Lock Rss

Need a little help on this one mums. I've got a 3 month old girl, and most nights she goes to sleep really well, and 98% of the time, sleeps straight through the night (from about 9:30 to about 7:00), which I'm really happy with. However there are some nights I just can't get her to settle on her own. Should I try controlled crying? I know she's just whinging because she wants attention, cause when I go in there she smiles at me. Should I give it to her, and wait till she falls asleep when she's ready? Is it possible to get my bub to sleep when I want? I don't want to risk upsetting her sleep and have her starting to wake during the night again. Please help!!

Sam and Hayley and bub

HI hayley's_mum, My daughter is now 4 and half months and when she hit 3 months she decided she did not want to sleep in the cot or the stroller or anywhere. It even took us a good hour to get her to sleep in our arms. I got some advice from a parent support linr as the waiting list for tresilian was too long and i was going mad!!
Basically the woman told me that at that age they are becoming aware and know exactly how they can play you. She said that our house was being run by a 3 monthe old and we needed to gain control!!!! I knew deep down that she was right!!
WE started control crying. as soon as we put her down she would cry...not just winge but scream. WE would go in every 5 minutes and just pat her and try the dummy but didnt pick her up. This went on for probably up to 2 hoours a night but after a week she was so much better.
She now sleeps really well and is a much happier baby as she is getting the decent sleep each time as she learns to put herself to sleep.
I just wish i had done it sooner. I know there is a lot of controversy about this subject but i know that it certainly made our life happier.....and my daughters.
Good luck let me know how it goes
We started self-settling when bubs was 2 months old purely because every time she would go to sleep she would wake within 30 mins and we would start all over again - by 7pm I was a wreck!!!

What we did was wrap her and put her in cot, give her a little pat and leave the room and we would let her go for 5 - 10mins before going back in (5 if she was really upset which was the first few times and 10 if it was just a whinge) if we went in we just left her in cot and patted her so she knew we were there and then left again. I remember the first few times took about 20 mins to settle but within a few days it was only 5-10mins.

It does take a week or so to get right on top of it.

Now we are at the stage where most times we can put her in and wont hear a peep from her.
Of course their are days when this doesnt work and we have to pat (teething at the moment!)

Try the self settle in the day sleeps first - when us mums have most of our sanity because we are tired at night and everything seems 10 times worse!

But at the end of all this.. do what you are comfortable with.. what works for one doesnt for someone else.
As long as you know she has got a wet or dirty nappy etc and she only wants your attention, I would try the control crying. After a couple of days you will notice the difference as she will not wake up demanding attention because you will not give it to her. Its tough but it pays off at the end, if you are strong enough to deal with it.
Good luck.
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