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Sleeping through the night - 9 - 10 months Lock Rss

Hi, my daughter Emily is 9 1/2 months (30th June)

She was waking 2 - 3 times at night. The nurse told me to resettle without feeding when she woke and now only wakes once. Normally 5 am or after.

She goes to bed at 7pm, then I wake to feed at 10:30ish before I go to bed. Is it reasonable to expect her to sleep until 5 or should I stop the 5 am feed and see if she goes longer (say until 7am)

She has 3 meals a day (and 1 afternoon snack) also she has 1 -2 day sleeps. If she has a morning one it is short, then she sometimes has a bigger one in the afternoon, around 1 hour.

Most days she will not sleep more than 2 hours during the day. I have found she seems to do better with one long sleep (say 12 - 2 pm) than she does with 2 short sleeps.

Also she is wrapped for her night sleeps. She is unwrapped for her day sleeps. Should I stop the wrap at night? Or don't rock the boat and accept that I am at least getting 6 hours straight sleep at night (finally lol) I was thinking of just leaving her unwrapped until her 10:30 feed and if she doesn't settle after that then wrap her.

The main reason I have been keeping her wrapped is that it is easier to lift her out of the cot (I am breastfeeding) and feed her and put her back in without waking her.

When do you give up that 10:30 feed anyway? Obviously I don't think I can give it up yet, but I know that with ds (who is now 4) I am pretty sure he was not having a 10:30 feed at this age. But then I do know that all bubs are different.

Anyone have any suggestions?
Hi Neens1, I was doing a rollover feeds up to about 9 1/2 months. I started to bring them forward. From 10.30 to 10.00 then 9.30 to 9.00. So that they were sleeping longer by them selves(i have twins). After about a month of bringing it forward, they started not to want as much as they were still full from their last feed. Then one night I just didn't give them a feed and voila no more roll over feeds.
About the wrapping- I don't know about that one, once you stop the rollover feeding, the reason you wrap her has gone, maybe put her into a sleeping bag??
Good luck


Gosh Neens - sounds like you are doing a great job. Don't you think all us mummies deserve some kind of degree for all this?. We certainly know a lot of stuff don't we - lol.

Our DD's were quite similar at this age. I did the 3 nights of control crying at 10 months and DD has slept from 7pm to 7am ever since. I like your idea of stopping the 5am feed, to me, that is probably a habbit not so much a hunger thing. I suppose it depends on how you feel as to what you do to settle her. I don't think it would take too long for your little one to adjust to not having that feed and start to sleep an extra hour or two. It may mean a few tears, or a bit of rocking though.

I am thinking about doing what you are with your DD, the one longer nap in the middle of the day. DD has a long morning nap (upto 2 hours) but refuses to nap in the afternoons (occasionally she wil). I'd love your advice on how to transit my DD to that kind of routine (if you don't mind - lol).

I think unwrapping at night would be a really good move. Of course, your DD will probably be a bit unsettled at night during the unwrapping process, but as long as you are ready for it - it will pass soon enough. Its really important for bubs to roam the cot and find their own sleeping positions. Personally, I would get rid of the wrap totally, but gradually over a week or so (wrap with one arm out for a few nights, then 2 arms out for a few nights etc). I got that advice from this site, worked a charm. As usual, it was more me that had to do the adjusting - not DD.

As for the 10.30pm feed, I gave all night feeds up from 10 months. I knew they were only comfort feeds though, a habbit I had created - or allow to continue. By that point, I had 10 months of feeding DD every 4 hours so I was really, at my wits end. I think its some-thing you have to want to give up. If its working for you, then no harm can come from letting it go a bit longer. Maybe you could wait till bubs is settled after unwrapping and see if you can get her out of the 5am feed.

I found it really handy to have a little plan from 10 to 12 months. My goal was for DD to be having a 7am and 7pm breast feed, 3 solids, 2 snacks and some cows milk drinks during the day (my choice to skip formula totally). I roughly decided what order I was going to start doing things (drop feeds etc) then did it. It might have just been me though, I seem to think things are going to be harder than it actually is.

Most bubs seem to be able to adjust to change within about 3-4 nights as long as parents are consistent. Initially, that was our mistake, giving in as we couldn't handle DD crying / whinging or just didn't feel confident enough to follow through. I've blabbed on too much as usual. Please don't think I'm preaching cause I know there is at least 100 ways to do some-thing. This is just one opinion and I am sure there will be lots more to follow.

Best of luck sweet heart.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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