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6 month old day time cat naps Lock Rss

Hello mummies

My 6 mnth old is a serial cat napper will only sleep for 30-45 mins at a time during the day. He is sleeping quite well over night now ( after months of night waking ) He goes into his crib awake settles him self to sleep and now self settles during the night. However during the day he will wake after about half an hour and is ready to go ( but becomes grizzly easily ). How do I persuade him to sleep for longer during the day? Is there some technique I can try? He isnt wrapped and doesnt have a dummy. smile Thankyou !!

If he is grizzly after his sleeps then it is most likely he still needs to sleep longer.

How long after he is awake for do you put him to bed? Sometimes babies will only sleep for short periods of time if they aren't very tired. Maybe you could try to keep him awake a bit longer before putting him down.

IF that doesn't work, then maybe just sit with him and pat him back to sleep after he wakes.

I often have to do this with my daughter if I know she hasn't slept long enought.

The other thing you can do is go in and check him (make sure he doesn't have a dirty nappy or something else that woke him up) and tell him to go back to sleep and let him cry for a few minutes and then try to resettle.

It's not easy I know but he will be better off if he gets a decent amount of sleep.

I have recently started to cut my daughters day time naps down to one per day (this normally goes for 2 - 2 1/2 hours)rather than 2 short sleeps /day so that she has a longer sleep time, she seems to be better off believe it or not.
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