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question about tizzie's routines... Lock Rss

I started my DD on tizzies routine about 2 1/2 weeks ago (she's 12 weeks)and she had been waking at about 5am(sleeping from 7pm and doesn't wake for feed) every morning and i've been unsure whether i should treat it as a night feed and put her straight back to bed after or start the day from then....if i do that the routine is abit out of wack...if i do put her back to bed do i then wake her at 7am to start the day???
just courious to see what other mums are doing and how they are finding the routine????
If Jeb used to wake before 6am at this age I always tried to re-settle him without a feed but he was having a dreamfeed which I thought helped. If she does want a feed I would give it to her but try and re-settle her and then wake her at 7 and offer a top up and start the day from there. smile
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