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Hi my sister has a friend that is an ambulance driver and he had a call out to a situation where the child was 18 months old and they found it curled up face down in the corner of the cot(the baby had died), he said it was SIDS, this was in a porta cot, could someone tell me what could have caused this death, would it likely be sids at that age??? It has me paranoid to go to sleep of a nite. I am terrified that my son who is 4 months old will not be able to breath once he gets over onto his tummy. What can I do to prevent this, I try to follow the sids guidelines.


Ann-Marie Qld 4 month baby boy

Hi Katosuni,

A SIDS death as "The sudden death of an infant or young child which is unexpected by history and in which a thorough post mortem examination fails to demonstrate an adequate cause of death."

Sids usually occurs in babies over month one and under one year old. As by the sounds of it, this child was out of the normal age bracket for a sids accident. Infants under 6months of age acount for 83% of SIDS deaths.With the most at risk age group is 1-3months.

The recommendations to avoid sids in your child is
* Put baby on back to sleep
* Sleep with babies face uncovered
* Babies around cigarette smoke have a higher rate of SIDS
* Sheets and blankets to be tucked in no higher than babies shoulders and must be tucked in tightly

If your bubs has a habit of rolling over have u considered the cushions that go underneath them to prevent this?? They can be found in baby stores and ToysRUs.

If you are following the guidelines then i am sure you should be fine. Child death is a scary and upsetting occurence, and is not very common. The sids rate has been reduced dramatically in the recent years and with the SIDS and KIDS campaign. Please try not to be too worried!

For more information about SIDS visit the sids and kids website.

Hope this helps and hope u start feeling better soon!

DD#1 - 3.7yrs, DD#2 -20mnths, DD#3 is here! 21.08.

Hey there,

At the time it prob looked like SIDS but there is often an underlying cause they can be very hard to find like a virus or something...not saying it wasn't though...
Also the number of SIDS related deaths is so low now because of all the brochures etc telling you what to do.
I know of course this doesn't stop us worrying! I have a 7 month old and I constantly look in on her and if she goes to sleep on her stomach I check even more to make sure her nose is clear..I don;t think I will ever stop doing it. And especially not if an 18 month can have it.

So sad sad
I don't mean to sound snappy and i understand it's reallity

But i don't think this is the kind of story you need to put on this web site

cheers K
my bubs is 5 months and the best roller!!!
i've been so concerned that i rang sids last week
i spoke to a wonderful man who tod me the following:
it is most likely to occur in the first 6 months
that my baby should be ok as she rools around alot and can hold herself up for a while
and when she sleeps on her stomach she automatically turns her haed on her side
but i still worry myslf
it such an awful thing to happen

Lillie....1 year old!!!

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