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5 and a half month old not sleeping through!!! Lock Rss

hi there everyone, first time in forums smile

i have an amazing 51/2 month old girl who unfortunately still cant sleep through! she used to sleep through until 31/2 months and kept waking.

wierd as some nights she can sleep through 5-8 hours, and wake up happy and settle herself, other nights (which is most!) she will wake up crying and agitated and i bf to settle her and she sleeps again, only to wake another 1-2 hours later!

does it make a difference putting baby down early? at the moment am putting her bedtime routine at 9.30pm. i see everyone puts their baby down 6-7pm, is that the trick?

or i put her down, she wake again an hour later, and depending on mood she can sleep again, otherwise i have to soothe her, then sleep about 3-4 hours, then bf, then 1-2 hourly! whats going on??

she naps well during the day, 45mins-2hours naps with 2-3 hour awake time. i find around 6-7pm she gets crabby and harder to please, is this a sign to put her down now?

newbie mum!!!!!

hello sweetie and welcome!!!!
my girl is also 5 1/2 months!!!!
i think most of us put bubs down at 6-7 coz alot of us have used really helped me
for starters i only let Lillie sleep 3-4 hours throughout the day,otherwise she will have had to much sleep and this results in night wakings
i get her up at 7am every morningand give her a feed.she stays awake till 9
i let her sleep till 10.
has her feed at 11
sleep at 12 till 1.30-2.00
feed at 2.30
sometimes want an arvo nap
bath at 6.00 followed by feed and bed at 6.30-7.00
but every bubs is different,i guess the trick is to wear them out lol

if you wanna chat my email is
[email protected]

Lillie....1 year old!!!

hi bean,
i have a 6 week old and have started to look at routine. so far we only have a set bedtime, with daytime feed and sleep being determined by DS, which is normal for his age. lots of people talk about Tizzie Hall's routine, i downloaded it (for a price) but found another lady called Jo (also a sleep consultant) had a routine i found more suitable for DS. basically i use it as a guide at this stage, but when he gets to 3 months will start to adhere to it more. here is the website and you can download free routines for each age group. hope it helps! when you find one that works stick to it! it is really a personal choice.

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