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changing bed time? Lock Rss

Hi, we have been putting Max to bed at 7.30pm for as long as he has been sleeping through (6 weeks) but am wondering if it might help him to sleep in for longer if we move his bedtime to 7pm as he has been waking up abit earlier than usual lately, normally he wakes around 6/6.30am but every second morning he has been waking at around 5am. am just wondering if bringing his bedtime forward by half an hour would help am paranoid that if I put him to bed earlier he will wake earlier as well! does anyone have any suggestions or advice it would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks Ness.

mum to two gorgeous guys

My bubs goes down at 7pm and wakes generally at 7am. Though last couple of mornings it has bee 6-6.30ish also.

I find that if she goes down later she still wakes at the same time each morning

Guess u could only give it a go.

I too would be unimpressed if he woke earlier also.. LOL
Hi Nessie, I tried that and it back fired. Theo can go down anywhere between 7pm - 8.30pm and still wake up at 6.30am (with a feed at about 4.30am) I suppose you could just try and see how you go. Naomi
Hi Nessie,

I have always put my son down at 6pm and for most mornings, he has woken between 5-5.30am. I have tried to have him hang on until 6.30 or 7pm in the hope that he may sleep later, but unfortunately, through my experience, it never seems to work. He tends to wake up at the same time, if not earlier.

But I guess you can only try,

Peta, Qld, 11mth old
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