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hi there,
I have a 9mth old little girl who will only sleep for 45mins with both her sleeps during the day-right smack bang on 45 mins she wakes up and we find her standing up in her cot screaming her head off til we get her up..shouldnt she be having more sleep than that???Apparently for her age she should be having 1.5hrsx2 sleeps a day.we have tried to resettle her by getting down on the ground next to her bed and patting her mattress so shes learns to get down herself(a sleep clinic advised me on this)but this doesnt seem to be working...She was doing well and sleeping longer but has gone backwarda her front tooth is coming through which is probably hurtinh her...
Should i just get her up after the 45mins or try on with the re settling???If anyone has any advice on this that would be great....Bec.

Bec,VIC,MIKI 16/7/05 JELLYBEAN EDD 24/8/07

My daughter who is 10 months old and Jaye has two main big sleeps and that normally lasts for half hour if im lucky and she has always been like that since she was born but as I see it if your child happy when she wakes up and wants to play that the main thing and sometimes I found that professional dont always know everything and I think it depends on the baby and how long they want to sleep for.

But normally if Jaye wakes up to soon I just put her on the breast and give her another feed and that sends her back to sleep for awhile.

I hope I help you Bec but its hard to know what to do with a baby especailly when all of people tell you what to do.

Teething doesnt help much either Jaye has just got a teeth that is breaking the skin so I know how you feel.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

hi ther bec im in the same boat to so u r not alone.ds woz always a shocking day sleeper and i had to rock him 4 the first 5 mths,then i taught him to sleep on his own and he did fantastic.he is now 10mths and is teethn this is wot im putn it down to anyway but every sleep i put him down 4 now he screams 4 bout 1hr b4 he will can b very stressful but thats all i can put it down to his teeth.just wantd to let u know i hear wot u r saying!
G'day Bec,

My bub is 8.5mths and sleeps for approx 9-10 hrs straight at night and has 2 x1-1.5hr sleeps during the day.

I don't know if this is right but it works for us. I swaddle her during her daytime naps and sleep her on her side with a pillow (which smells like me) at her front and another at her back - with her leg cocked over it (to stop her rolling forward or backwards and waking herself).

If she happens to wake in the half hour I go in and pat her bottom until she falls asleep again (usually only takes a couple of minutes - if you don't leave it to the point where she's screaming).

Again if she's cutting teeth and wakes during the night I swaddle her and tuck her firmly in under her top sheet. Seems to work - maybe give it a go and let us know!

over worked n under paid

How long is your little one awake before you put her down for a nap? I find my DD does this when i have to extend her awake time. She is awake 3.15-3.5hrs between naps and bedtime. So her day is like this:

6.30/45am - Wake
10am - Nap 1.5-2hrs
2.45pm - Nap 1-1.5hrs
7.15pm - Bed.

2 Perfect Girls Catherine7/8/05 & Mirelle17/10/07

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