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6 month old rolling onto stomach in cot Lock Rss

My six month old has started rolling onto his stomach in the middle of the night and ends up at the other end of the cot with no blankets on. He doesn't roll back onto his
stomach yet and won't self settle while on his stomach. Does anyone know how I can stop him from rolling onto his stomach?

Rebecca, VIC, Spencer 4/10/05, Talon 14/07/07


My son was the same age when he started rolling in the cot.

Unfortunately if he's doing this on his own you can't stop him.... its all part of the growth and development. I tried to roll him back onto his back but 10 minutes later he'd be on his side/tummy again. (jacob is now 16 months).

All you can do is make sure the cot is free from any items that could potentially provide a threat - if you check for SIDS guidelines on the internet you'll find a reference to these.

I never used a cot bumper and I never had any toys in the cot until Jacob was about 11 months and in winter I used to make sure he was appropriately dressed and with socks on his feet in the event he would kick off the blankets and roll all over the cot.

Also I must add - in those first few weeks after he started doing this I stressed too - I checked on him every 15-20 minutes before I went to bed just to make sure he was breathing and would also check him early in the mornings if I had to get up to visit the bathroom.

As I said you can't stop bubba from doing this if he's doing this on his own - just be sensible with following the SIDS guidelines and enjoy your baby's growth - because sadly it just goes way too fast.

And above all - pat yourself on the back mummy - you are doing a great job!

my daughter has the same prob. she is 5 months old and i rang S.I.D.S the other day as i was worried
they said she is old enough to turn her head as she sleeps,but lillie lloves sleeping on her tummy i cant stop her,but your little man doesnt like it????
the only thing i can think of is these wraps called "Anti roll"
but i am not sure where you would purchase one soory

Lillie....1 year old!!!

Mine started this at about the same age. At six months they seem to be strong enough to look after themselves so try not to stress about the SIDS thing - I did - for no reason. He just liked (and still does) sleeping on the tum and moving around lots. I can highly recommend getting a bag for him to sleep in (to replace the blankets). It is basically a sleeping bag with arms and you can get them in myer, kmart, etc etc. You can get cotton ones for summer and wincheater material ones for winter. Underneath you can have anything from just the singlet and nappy to a wondersuit for extra warmth.

Luke''s Mum

When my daughter started to roll over on to her stomach I use to move her back over on her back but that use to wake her up and than I wouldnt get to re- settle for while and by than I would be very tired so I started let her roll over on to her stomach and put the blankets on her and just check on her during the night to make sure she was okay and sometimes I use to found Jaye in the most wired postion in her cot.

But I never found away to fix her from laying on her stomach and if you do can you let me know.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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