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Sleep Feed Play... but waking early Tizzie Halls routines Lock Rss

Hi everyone
i have a slight problem at the moment i follow Tizzie Halls routine for a bub on solids to 8 1/2mths (my bub is 5 mths) anyway lately when i have been putting him down for his morning sleep he has been waking after 1 1/2 hrs so he goes down at 9am and is up at 10.30am I know she says that 1 1/2hrs-2hrs is ok and i manage to hold his feed off till 11am without a problem.
But the drama im having is his next sleep is meant to be at 1pm but by that time he is overtired cause he has been up for 2 1/2hrs instaed of 2hrs. Hope that makes sense.
Anyway is anyone else having a problem like this or does anyone have any suggestions???
Thanks in advance

Kylie NSW, Kade 17 months

Hi, my little one is 5 1/2 mths and has been following the tizzie hall routine same as yours. Unfortunately she sleeps for only one sleep cycle each nap so we're not doing really well but atleast she goes down at 7pm now which is great. still wakes up at night but once is better than 7 so i guess its coming along. any tips on how you get yours to self settle? how long have you been working on it. it says if it is 20 minutes before a shedualed nap and they seem tired to put them down then, hope that helps.
hope to hear your ideas.

Gracie-Jean (3/11/05) Jayden(1/7/08)

Hello there!
I applaude all you mummies that have managed to stick to a routine! My DS is five months old and we don't follow a routine, I did try on many occasions but I found it really difficult to follow with my daughter at pre school 2 and a half days a week, plus when hubby is home on the weekend, any sort of structure seems to fly out the window. Besides, he has different needs on any given day - some days he sleeps alot and others hardly at all, so I just go with the flow. One thing though is you really have to watch that bubs doesn't get over tired, look for his tired signs and put him to bed asap, cos when he gets over tired there is hell to pay and the rest of the day is a big mess. He normally has 3 naps a day, or 2 if he's well rested and has 5-6 milk fees plus 2 of solids. I found we were both a lot happier when I gave up trying to get him into a routine. I hope everything works out for you both!!!

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