Hi guys,
Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on getting my daughter back to the 7pm- 7am times.
She never adjusted to Daylight saving. She now sleeps 6pm to 6am. I know I should be happy with that but when I had it so good before after lots of hard work, I want it back! I tried to use the "Tizzie Hall" technique by starting off putting her to sleep 15 min later than bed time but she still woke at 7am (6am) the next morn. Then I tried to extend the morning sleep by keeping her up for 15 extra min before putting her down for that first morning sleep and she woke after just an hour. I think she was actually overtired. Anyway this pattern continued for the next few days until I gave up and just went with the 6pm to 6am which does seem to work but it just feels too early. Especially when hubby is a Chef and is always home late.
Tizzie has been wonderful but she doesn't really leave much room for exceptions to the rule.
Anyone had any success with adjusting? I'm thinking I may have to wait until Daylight Saving comes back to fix the morning wake up! Ahhhhhh by then she'll be over one year old and she's only six months now. May be a long road ahead.