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one sleep a day at night months??? Lock Rss

Hi ladies,
first of all i would like to thank everyone. Everytime i have a bad day and i read your stories it feels so good to know i am not alone and there is more of us like that. It feels like a reality check. Thanks, you make me stronger.
Anyway, my question is. I have 9mths old baby boy and lately (2 weeks or so) his routine changed. He wakes up 5.30-6am, than i put him to bed around 8.30am and he sleeps till 11.30-12am. Which is 2 1/2 - 3 hours, not bad hey? BUT.... than he doesn't want to have a sleep in the afternoons at all. By the end of the day he is soooo tired, whingy and not him self at all. He goes to bed for a night sleep around 6.30pm and sleeps through. It is not so bad i guess. But do you think it is normall for 9mths old have only one sleep a day? I wish he would have at least 30min in the afternoons. He doesn't sleep in the pram and he doesn't like to spend much time in it anyway. So i can even take him for long walks and get through those late hours in arvos. Any suggestions?

Pavla+Adam (7.7.05)

hi pavla,
i have a 6 week old which doesnt really help! BUT, on sunrise the other morning the BABY WHISPERER was on and was talking about this exact topic. what happens is that babies are supposed to sleep around 13 hours (i think from memory) and when they sleep through AND have a big morning sleep then they use up their sleep quota for the day. she suggested having a shorter nap in the morning and then they have 1 1/2 or so left over for an afternoon nap. it does mean waking your baby, but she said that this was fine otherwise they will not sleep in the afternoon.
hope this helps!

Hi Pavla,
Bubs can be so tricky can't they, just when you think you have them worked out, they go and change on you!
According to the ever famous Tizzie Hall, quoted all over this website, she suggests a routine for a bub aged 9-12 months as follows

Feed times- 7am, 11am and 6:40pm
Solids- 8am,12 noon and 5pm
Sleep times- 9:30am until 11am and suggests waking them at this time if they're not already awake, then 2nd sleep at 1:30pm. She does not give a wake up time but notes to not let them sleep past 4:15pm. Then bed time at 7pm sharp.

My daughter is only 6 months old and Tizzie's routines work well with her. I didn't have the book with my first child but his routine followed the above pretty much at this age and it worked well for us.

Best of luck smile

Laura DS July 03, DD Oct 05, DD Nov 08

hi Pavla,
i have a 9mth old as well and have also just changed her routine, to two sleeps a day from the 3.but she only sleeps for 45 mind each sleep so thats great that your bubs sleeps for so long in the say he doesnt like the pram than why dont u maybe try one of those kiddie carriers(i cant think what they r called -those things u strps your bubs to the front of you)or take him for a drive or take him to a park-which we find helps settle and gets Miki tired the fresh air does wonders..He must be so tired staying up for so long from the 12pm sleep to sleep time..And i thought our girl was a energiser bunny for only sleeping for 45mins.!!!
I find that Miki only lasts around 2-2.5hrs up during the day.
hope these tips might help.
Good luck..

Bec,VIC,MIKI 16/7/05 JELLYBEAN EDD 24/8/07

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