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good morning to everyone.ds is 10mths old now wot is the average awake time btween naps 2 or 3 hrs.ive been trying to stretch it out 2 the 3 hrs lately as he wont go down in afternoon.and for some reason dont know if its teething or wot but screams and crys everytime i put him down to sleep.he is rubbing his eyes so he is tired but he is fighting it.he hasnt done this 4 a long time and im a bit unsure as to y he would do it now.any ideas?
My DD who is over 8 months has an awake time of 3.15-3.5hrs between naps and bedtime. She has a long nap in the morning and only wants a short one in the afternoon and often takes longer to settle in the afternoon. She is teething at the moment and i am sure this has alot to do with it as i think the pain gets worse as the day goes on.
At around 10 months of age MOST babies can handle 3.5-4hrs awake time with no problems. Also my DD often gets grumpy when she is bored and just wants a bit of play time cuddles with Mum especially in the afternoon.

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This is a great thread as DD has basically refused to nap in the afternoon for, gosh about 5-6 weeks now. She will sleep saturday afternoons as we have swimming in between naps (tuckers her out). If she has a short morning nap (less than 1 hour) she usually has a nap in the afternoon, even if its only half an hour.

I seemed to have tried every-thing but rarely get any success. I still leave DD in her cot in the afternoon for about an hour. She will chat and occasionally whinge but not cry. She usually gets bored of resting by an hour and will yell in a way I know its time to get her up. She still comes out happy and as if she did nap.

I suppose, I can't complain she has a good morning nap most days and sleeps through the night.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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