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4mth old started waking again in middle of night WHY????? Lock Rss

Hi ladies I have a 4mth old boy who has been sleeping through since he was 6wks old and just now ova the past 3 nights twice he has woken at 1.30 am and I dont know why. He normally goes to bed at 8pm and wakes at about 5am he has 4 bottles a day
*8am 180mls
*12noon 180mls
*4pm 180mls
*and bed time 240mls
He is not teething and when he has woken both times he is not hungry or crying he is just awake (moving around and making noises).
The 1st night I did not know what was going on or what to do so I just changed his nappy and gave him a bottle then he went back to sleep (but he wasn't crying for a bottle or anything).
Then last night we just picked him up and brang him to bed with us ( i did not want to give him a bottle cause he shouldn't need one)we gave him a dummy and he went to sleep half hr later we put him back in his cot and he didn't wake again till 5.

Mumma of 3.

He may have just woke from a sleep cycle. Have you tried leaving him to see if he drift back off. My 5 mth old is waking with a cry at the moment through the night and she may whinge for abour 30 secs (seems like 5 mins at 3am!!) and then just goes back to sleep.

I am trying not to go in there unless I need to as I dont want to start a pattern where she wakes and thinks we will go get her
sounds to me like your bub is waking up during the most babies do.....tho ur bub doesn't know how to put him/herself back to sleep. maybe you are rocking ur bub to sleep at bed time ? so when he wakes up during the night he needs u to do that again for him as he hasn't learn to put himself to sleep.

my bub did that. now i taught him to put himself to sleep by himself...he wakes during the night but goes bak to sleep.

Danni, WA,

When my DD did this at 4.5 months, a friend suggested I start her on solids at her 6pm feed because the BF was not filling her up. The very first night I did it she want back to sleeping thorugh to 5 - 6 am. BLISS!

Qld, mum to Madison, born 25/5/05

Hi ladies, I'm also having the same problem with my 4mth old, used to sleep from 7pm thru to 6am....not anymore.....won't sleep till about 9.30pm then wakes up at 12am for a feed and sleeps thru to my baby going thru a growth spurt?? according to what i read on the net babies go thru a growth spurt at 4 months?? and it descriped exactly what all our babies are doing. I hope it doesn't last for too long.
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