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just thought i would let anyone know who is thinking of trying to get rid of the wrap that i unwrapped my bub for the firs time the other night - decided to go without it cold turkey - and he is sleeping even better now! i was very hesitant about trying it as he's 6.5 months and been tightly wrapped since birth, but i've put him straight in a sleeping bag and its great. its been 3 nights now. the first one he slept straight through, the second woke twice and last night woke once. this is compared to waking usually 2-3 times when wrapped. so i say give it a go! he seems to be toasty warm in it and likes the freedom of being able to move.

Amanda - Lachie 30/9/05, Will 20/10/07

I also wrap my daughter up tight. She is only 11 weeks and will still wrap her until she is about 4 months. Does your son have a dummy as I'm worried that when I unwrap Molly she will constantly be pushing her dummy out as she likes to have her hands up near her face!

Kate, WA

Hi, my littel ;one is also 6.5 months old. We also got rid of the wrapping at night when she grew out of the cotton wraps we brought with us when we moved in January when she was 3.5 months old. We too use a sleeping bag with arms and she is still snug in it. We have used the sleeping bag for around 2 months now and it is great. Thankfully she never took to a pacifier so we don't have that potential problem of her not sleeping when it falls out at night - was one of the reasons why we didn't want to introduce it and it worked for us. I think that they grow out of being wrapped up when they are ready to not be wrapped up. But in saying that, my little one still likes being wrapped up for her day naps as it is a cue for her that her sleep is coming up. Cheers to the sleeping bag!
Hooray Amanda, that's great news, it gives me hope.
A while back I got rid of my daughters dummy successfully but I've been dreading getting rid of the wrap. She's also 6 months and gets wrapped really tightly for all sleeps. About two weeks ago I started wrapping with one arm out and she had lots of catnaps but eventually she got used to it. Your success has encouraged me to just do it and get rid of it properly. I was going to wrap waist down but after reading what you wrote, I think I'll do the cold turkey thing too.
Just wondered though, has your bub been rolling over now that he can move?
I'm sure that would make sleep much more comfy beeing able to get in their weird positions but a friend said their bub kept wakig when this happened as they weren't used to being on there tum.
Also did your bub sleep o.k for day sleeps when you first did it? What did you put him in during the day? i.e too hot for sleeping bag.
Thanks for your post

Laura DS July 03, DD Oct 05, DD Nov 08

Hi AmandaM,

I have Charlie, 11w today. I am considering not wrapping now and just using sleeping bag with arms. I too am in Tassie. He is reasonable sleeper but doesnt seem to like being wrapped. Maybe he may sleep longer too? What are you thoughts and what about startle reflex they have?
Any suggestions?

Bec, Hobart, Luke 3 / Charlie 11wks (16/4/06)

When my daughter was first born she hated being wrapped tight and would cry and carry on like someone was killing her so I just didnt bother and after that she would sleep FANTASTIC cause she loves having her hands out of the blankets and beside her head.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

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