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Daytime catnapper!! Lock Rss

My 11 month old son will only have two short(usually 30-45min) sleeps during the day. Admittedly, he will go down no hassles at six and will usually sleep for about 11 hours at night. I am on the go with him all day as he will generally only play by himself for short periods. When he goes down to sleep I finally get a break, only for him to wake about thirty minutes later. Frustration!

For a while there I was putting him down at 7,10&2fter waking at 5ish). Each time, he would generally cry himself to sleep. Each sleep was usually about 30-45 minutes each. I have since cut out his early morning sleep and now put him down between 8 and 9 and then again between 12 -1. He was sleeping well for a while but has now reverted to his old sleep habits.

I know how you feel Peta! It's very frustrating when it's such an ordeal just to get them to go to sleep in the first place then they only sleep for one sleep cycle. And it sounds like he is still tired when he wakes up! I know heaps of other mums with the same problem too and we're all stuck on how to fix it! my son will cat nap some days and other days he will have 3 long sleeps and as far as i can tell there is not alot I can do about the days he only cat naps! I've left him in his cot to fall back to sleep some days ( after a bit of crying ) but that wont always work and sometimes I just get him up and feed him then have a short play and pop him back to bed for another sleep, but again that wont always work either! Just remember that you're not alone, take him for a walk outside, that always cools my frustration when my little angels arn't being such angels!

my bub used to do the same thing.
nap at 9ish and then again at 12:30ish both for about half n hourish.
wich by the time i got him to sleep n put the kettle on he would be awake again !
so i held off on his naps.. now i put him down for a nap at about 11ish...........he sleeps then for at least and hour n a half....usually wakes up anytime after 1:15ish....its great n i get that little bit of time to catch up on everything.

Danni, WA,

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