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3 weeks and only 2.5-3 hrs sleep then feed Lock Rss

hi, im a 23yr old new mother to a beautiful 3 week old Naomi. i'm always hearing of mothers saying there babies sleep for a minimum of 4 hrs and longer at night then wake up for a feed, but my little one only sleeps for about 2-2.5 hrs if im lucky 3hrs and wakes up in hunger. she's on formula and i give her 120mls each feed before she falls asleep while burping her. is there anyway i can increase her hours of sleep during the night with out letting her cry because my husband won't let her cry? and will she grow out of it?

Hi Jen,

I would say that if your baby is only 3 1.2 weeks old and is waking at night it is probably because she is hungry. I breast fed so I cant answer with 100% certainty cos its different with formula. She will definetly grow out of it. Just remember every baby is different and those first couple of weeks are tiring and hard work.

I definetly wouldnt be advising of letting her cry at that age - if they cry when they are that little its for a reason. Have you tried just giving her a cuddle and resettling her instead of feeding?

Jacquie, Mummy to Bailey, Tijana & Kaitlyn

My youngest son now 17wks is doing well now but at the same age he was feeding every 2 hrs day and night, drove me up the wall as my first wasn't like that and i was tired from looking after the eldest one (oh and bubs) during the day. I fed him on demand and I was lucky enough he grew out of it around 2-3mths of age....seems like forever though. Sounds to me thats she's waking because shes hungry, maybe it has to do with once they hit a certain weight they sleep better....just a stab in the dark.
Hope all goes well

Mum of 2 boys 3 1/2 and 19wks

Oh Jen, your baby is still so little and already u want her to stretch her night sleep. 2.5 hours is pretty good for such a little thing. Please don't leave her to cry, she is so tiny and is probably just a hungry little thing. Give her lots and lots of cuddles, but if she is hungry, just cuddling her is not going to solve the problem...give her the feed...sleepless nights is part of being a parent and do things get better ? yes, they day !!!


Hi jenn when my daughter was first born shecwould only sleep for 2 1/2 hours or if I was lucky 3 hours but that didnt happen that often, but it does get better cause when Jaye was about 8 weeks old she started to sleep for the whole night and would wake up when her dad was about to go to work.

Its only cause she cant hear your heart beat and your touch cause for the last 9 months she has always had you with her and now she is in the world and doesnt know what to do and that's how I look at it when Jaye would get upset and it does get better just be there for her.

Does she sleep in your room?

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi lil'naomi

My little girl has been on 3 hourly feeds since she was born she is now 6 months. At around 3 months she only woke for 1 bottle at night which was great.

I also had trouble getting her to sleep day or night so i went and brought karicare thickener which makes her fill full and she slept really well after that.

Does she drink the full 120mls if she does try giving her a bit more she might be still hungry.

Good Luck i hope everything goes really well for you and your bubba


Hi Jen

My son was 6 weeks prem, he spent the first 2 weeks of his life in hospital where he was woken every 3 hours for a feed. Once he came home he was feeding 2 hourly during the day and also at night (sometimes 3 hours at night). He did this until he was 3 months old, he then changed by himself to 3 hourly during the day and about 4 hourly at night. At 5 months we started the Tizzie Hall routine and introduced solids. He now has his last feed at 10:30 pm. Although he still doesn't sleep through. I think you need to perserver for a little while longer, it does get easier eventually.

Rebecca, VIC, Spencer 4/10/05, Talon 14/07/07

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