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sleep 4 a 10mth old???? Lock Rss

hey there im pulling my hair out.up until today jackson has gone back 4 a morn sleep and lunchtime sleep he will not go down in arvo so i thought no point even trying with that of today ive been trying to get him down 4 his lunch nap and he wont go screams the place down everytime i try to put him in his u think he doesnt want this sleep now and mayb wants the arvo one at my wits end.he is teething 2.
I am a bit confused, well it is 3.30pm - about the time my bimbonees kicks in - lol. What was your bubs sleeping pattern before this rough patch?

DD has one good nap (9-11am - ish). She use to have a good 1-2 hour nap in the afternoons, but for the last month has refused. I still put her in, she will play and whinge on and off for an hour. Every now and then she will sleep, like today - yippee (and swimming lesson days).

I only mention that as I am getting close to just putting DD down once a day. Most babies at DD's kindy are at the same stage, all between 10-13 months old.

Its a hard call to make though, not knowing more details about your bub. I know the frustration though - its a really rough time when they are changing their routines. I am lucky in that teething has never really effected DD much during the day.

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

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