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anyone have any advice about cot bumpers once baby starts moving around the cot? my little one has just started sleeping unwrapped and so now ends up with his head at the top of the cot against the wood. he's 6.5 months.

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My advice is not to use them. Personally, I think they are a big risk with SIDS. Having said that, I have friends that use them - its all about choice I suppose. It is worth calling the SIDS people, just to make sure you get all the pros and cons before you decide to use them.

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I started using cot bumpers when Nina was around 7 months. She is a VERY restless sleeper and would wake screaming because she had smashed her head against the side of the cot. So, I felt like I didn't have much of a choice. The cot is right next to my side of the bed( I know this doesn't make it any safer but it made me feel less anxious about having one)

They also say you shouldn't wrap babies once they start to roll but Nina was wrapped right up until she was 12 months old......
My DS is 9 mths old and is a very restless sleeper with hands and legs often getting stuck outside the cot and waking up regularly with bumps to the head, I read the sids stuff spoke to friends both new babies and older children, spoke to a very helpful woman at Baby Bunting Vic and decided I would buy the bumpers, I have not looked back, he still wakes but not as often and is able to settle himself back to sleep most of the time. My understanding of SIDS right or wrong, is that they don't know what causes SIDS and all the suggestions are just a precautions which has in truth reduced the SIDS numbers down. I think the biggest thing is that you need to be prepared to live at ease with your decision, it took me a good month to finally decide to get them, I figure he now sleeps on his tummy regularly, and can get himself on his back when he needs to, he can also move away from the bumpers. Good luck with your decision.


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