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its starting to work!!!! Lock Rss

Ok mummies last nite was the second nite of controlled crying to save the sanity i think i still have(wait let me check...)
yes its there....
Anyhow just wanted to ask how many nights it took before your bubs gave up the crying and though "well mabey i should just sleep like a really good baby"???
last night went relly well.Lillie didn't actually cry she just whinged . i made sure i gave her bottom a pat every 15 mins or so,and she did fall asleep.hubby was real good,i let him know that if he put her in bed with us he was in big poo poo's lol

Lillie....1 year old!!!


Wont take long.. just a few days. Of course you will have days where the system goes out the door but consistency is the key.

Bubs need to wake in the same place they went to sleep to settle themselves properly so sounds like you are doing a great job.

Soon she will wake and nod back off all by herself
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