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Settling twins for daytime sleeps! Lock Rss

I have 6month old twins who tend to catnap during the day...usually at different times! Any suggestions are most welcome! Fortunately, they both sleep relatively well at night. Looking forward to some new ideas.
I would suggest getting them into a routine together ie feed, play, sleep at the same time. If you can only feed one at a time you can leave 15mins between routines so you have time to do each baby seperately. Put them down at the same time and if they don't self settle teach them how> wrap? , and put them in their cot/s and say goodnight then leave them. If cry after 5 mins then turn them onto their side and pat their back till settled -not asleep just not crying and leave them continue every 2-5v mins until asleep or 45 mins is up , if not asleep get them uo and try giving them a nap in their pram. You could also try putting them in different rooms if you think one is waking the other(if you have the room to do this)
Good luck

soory im not sure but just wanted to let you know that your supermum!!!
every day when you wake up give yourself a pat on the back from me,here i am complaining bout one little

Lillie....1 year old!!!

I also have twins (girls 4 mths) and they cat nap during the day for about half an hour at a time about 3 times a day. I have now just learnt to accept that that is what they do and just deal with it. You are lucky that they sleep well at night. How did you get them to do that? Mine still wake at least 2 to 4 times at which point I feed them as I feel that they are not getting enough milk during the day.
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