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first night of controlled crying Lock Rss

ok i never thought id do this as lillie has always slept from 7-7. but the past 2 weeks she has been waking at 3 and refusing to go back to sleep unless she's with us.
this habits got so bad that last night i let her cry it out,it was so hard as she gets out of her wrap then rolls on her stomach and gets distressed because she has to hold her weight up.i let her cry and eventually she went back to sleep after 40 mins,about 20 mins later she rewoke an statred again.hubby asked why i wasn't going to go and get her and i explained that i didnt still want her in bed with us when she was 4. he said i was being cruel and he was loosing sleep ao he went and got her and put her in bed with us,but he doesn't understand that im the one loosing all the sleep . last night was soooo bad i think that all my hard work went to waste coz he put her in with us.
im at my wits ends,yes its hard letting her cry as she moves around so much and hits the bars on her cot but today i am so drained physically and emotionally

Lillie....1 year old!!!

One thing I've learned is to NEVER assume that a sleeping routine will stay the same-it always changes, and to just be prepared for that.

I sometimes have a half hour cat nap in the mornings when Eve goes back down for a quick sleep.
I've never been a day sleeper but it REALLY helps physically & emotionally, that way you might not bite your husband/partners head off when he walks in the door!!!!!

This might sound dumb, but is it possible that she is cold?
Hi Mimmy,
Have you got Tizzie's book? If so, maybe get your hubby to read the chapters on settling so he can see the importance of what you're trying to do and understand that consistency is the key. Sometimes a little back up of literature can really help prove a point or get them to see that it's o.k.
At least with Tizzie it's not the full on control crying that she advocates so perhaps this method may not be quite as difficult to deal with for you and hubby.

Good luck and let us know how you go.
Laura smile

Laura DS July 03, DD Oct 05, DD Nov 08

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