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Self Settling Enviorments & other questions Lock Rss

Hi Girls, just a couple of quick questions re self settling.

Does your Babies need to be in the same bed and the same environment to self settle or do they self settle at Nans, at the shops, at your firends, in the pram, in the car seat, in the cot etc, etc.

Does your babies have times when he/she doesn't self settle and in your opinion why do you think this happens.

Would love to hear about your experiences.
Naomi T

hi naomi, sorry i cant help. i would be very interested about finding some answers to these questions as well. i really never thought of it till now

Tania. WA, Daniel - 26/01/06... smile


I think that most bubs self settle anywhere but maybe to a different extent.

In my case when at home she always gets wrapped and in her cot.

When at ma's (grandmother who refuses the title!) she gets wrapped and in a cot they have there.

When in pram she will go to sleep herself but stays awake as long as she can!!!

She has always fallen asleep in the car.

When I go to my mums group she has a little whinge and will go to sleep lying against me.

There are times of course when she wont settle herself.. sometimes it is a hunger thing, there is too much action in the house at the time, at the moment it is teething (will settle fine thru day but not at night)

But I will always try to self settle first, if it doesnt work I pat or cuddle her to sleep. I cant listen to her cry for long and I have gotten to know the whinge from the upset cry.

Hope that helps...
HI Naomi,
He has only ever slept here, but moved him to another room and didn't bother him.
Can't keep him awake in the car!
Used to sleep in pram, but now sits upright so not as often, if I can get it in a flatter position for sleep that's ok, but doesn't happen much anymore...too nosy!
If tired and round at someones house, he will fall asleep on just about anyone that will cuddle him long enough.
He is good as gold at night, but doesn't like going down for his daytime sleeps, stand up in cot and requires many visits, but self settles in the end.
This is mainly because he doesn't like to miss out, I think.
Anyway that's all I can tell you really, if you can get them to settle themselves when they wake at nighth it is so much better for you all I think.
How about your sleep experiences?

Jen and 13mth Harvey

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