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No Blankets and sleeping in weird positions. Lock Rss

Lilian (6 mths) refuses to stay under her blankets. She wriggles around and gets into weird positions. feet hanging out the sides and on her tummy at the wrong end of the cot etc. Fustrating as we go to cover her up and shed still be awake. So she kicks the blankets off again. We wait until she falls asleep and then cover her. But then she is in a weird position. So we go to put her straight up and down and then she wakes up. She thinks we are playing. We just cant win. I got really fed up with it last nite so i just let her fall asleep whereever and then covered up with out moving her. She was on tummy with head to side rite at the top of the cot, back to the head of it. I just covered her up and left her and she sleeped all nite. Though when i went to cheak on her early this morning she had moved. No blankets.

Does anyone else have this problem?
I had big problems with DD, including getting caught up in the blankets which mostly woke her - but kind of freaked us out a bit (potential smouthering). I called SIDS and they said its not necessary to use blankets, as long as you dress bubs appropriately. They said its important to let babies find their own natural sleeping positions, so don't worry where they end up. I don't even move DD's arms and legs in anymore, if they happen to be hanging out - she does it herself. I tried sleeping bags on DD, they didn't work for us. Now I dress her with a singlet and thick fleecy PJ's (with feet). I keep her room at a nice 20 degree's and she sleeps through without a problem. Most people like to have blankets, thats cool - just wanted to say that it is ok not to use them if its becoming too much of a problem.

Best of luck !

DD is 3yr 8 months - DS is 6 months

My daughter is the same and sometimes we have found Jaye in very wired postions but all I do is make sure is comfortable and that her face is turn so she is breath and just have a lite blanket over her and I always made sure she has warm cloths now if she does throw the blankets off less she will be warm.

I use to move Jaye if she wasnt sleeping right and than she will wake up and think its play time and now I dont move her once she is a sleep but I think it depends on you and how you feel about it just make sure that she is safe and comfortable.

Tracey,Jaye (girl)12/06/05, Sam (boy)10/07/09

Hi, my DS is 9mths old, had the same problem, bought a grobag sleeping bag and it has been fantastic, I find him all over the cot but he is nice and warm and mostly sleeps through the night.


mum of 2


My son has always moved around and fallen asleep in funny positions. We have left him to his own devices but decided to invest in a baby sleeping bag. As he was a winter baby, he slept in one of these and it was terrific. I simply put a singlet and bonds suit underneath and he was very snug. I even invested in a summer one which was cotton and had no sleeves for those nights that he simply needed to be covered in something. Depending on the weather, I would dress him in a summer suit or simply a singlet. He is now used to a sleeping bag and as we are now coming into Winter, doesn't mind wearing one to bed. I usually buy a size that is a little big for him so he has ample room to move around. We have never had problems with him getting tangled either. Has solved all blanket problems!

Hope this helps
yay im not the only one !
i went in one morning n my bub was the wrong way in cot and instead of his head at the top of blanket his feet were instead ! his head was under the blanket ! of course i paniked and he hasn't had a blanket since ! hahah. when its cold i buy the really warm pj's thats like a blanket built in...i find these great and safer then blankies.

Danni, WA,

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