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help wot do i do?? Lock Rss

its that time of the day i dread.trying to get my ds who is nearly 10mths old down 4 a nap.ive been trying 4 nearly 1hr and 15mins.he is great(touch wood) with every other sleep but just wont have a afternoon nap although he is tired and gets beside come 6pm he is ready to crash.anyone got any tips?
My DS is 10 months also & his arvo nap is the worst too.
Most days it now takes me over an hour to get him down, but i just keep going until he gets there.
Sorry i dont have any constructive advice.
I just want you to know you are not alone.
I read in a sleep book somewhere (I can't remember which - as I've read so many) if your baby is over tired, he will have a lot of trouble going off to sleep in the afternoon. Have you tried putting him down earlier for a sleep? If that fails, I just muddle through the afternoon and put him to bed early. Good luck!!

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