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has anyone used a sleep consultant before? just wondering if it is worth the money as my little 5 week old just wont self settle (has been 5 hours now, no sleep and he has been left to "cry it out" - no luck, has been patted - nope, still crying - and rocked to sleep - but woke up every 10 minutes crying again).

Hi there,

This may sound stupid but have you ruled out all of the obvious like wind, colic etc? My little guy would only sleep after or during a feed when he was this age and we found that he had a couple of Horror days around the 4-6 week mark where the only thing that would settle him was driving in the car...Total fight to get them in there though.
As your bub is only five weeks maybe you could get one of the in home health care nurses in to sort out whats going on, if you call your local community health centre they will be able to organise someone.

Sorry I cant be of more assistance but trust me I know how you feel wink

Hi Denae,
Its so hard when you just cant figure out what is going on. I can remeber having a good cry a few times.
Firstly i want to say you are a great mum and no matter what you do you will always be great. I can see how much you love your little one just by coming here to get some advice.
I havent had a sleep consultant before or even been to sleep school, but maybe i can help.
A 5 week baby is too young to be left to cry it out or even to try controlled crying. At this age they start going through a "growth spurt" & generally want to be cuddled & have extra feeds or extra sucking/comforting.
This will not go on forever & it will get better.
Are you breast feeding or bottle feeding? I dont have experience with bottles & i am used to using breast feeding to help settle my son before a nap.
I dont let him fall asleep on the breast but just as he is getting sleepy i place my finger in his mouth & release the breast. If he starts to cry straight away I try a bit of pating/rocking etc but if he doesnt settle after a minute or gets REALLY upset I give the breast back & I keep repeating the process until he is calm & I can put him down.
If he wakes up again I listen to the cries, if he needs comforting i try the patting & soft shhhh noises & if it doesnt work I repeat the breast routine again.
Another thing to try is putting your shirt or something of yours in the crib (safely as possible) so bub can be settled by your scent.
A good idea is to sleep with your baby's wrap or a small soft toy placed down your shirt for a few hours.
I have found a book called "The no cry sleep solution" by Elizabeth Pantley to be very useful. It has the same if not similar advice in it.
I believe you can phone Karitane or Tresillian
for advice & i will come back shortly & post the msn address for the tresillian nurse. DS has just woken up so i will tend to him first.
Good luck with everything. I hope your baby sleeps better soon.
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