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My son during the day is fully awake after 40 minutes, you can set your clock by him.I have tried to resettle him but this never works, if anyone out there has any tips/advise I would like to hear from you.

Lil, 5mths

goodmorning and welcome to the club.
my daughter nearly 8 months still only does the 40 min sleep as you say by the clock.
she naps 3 times a day by 40 which gives me no time to do my own thing.
the only way she may sleep a little longer is if i lay down beside her.

don't worry some babies do the 40 min sleep
and other babies sleep for 1 hr to 2 hrs.
take care at least ur not alone.

mary.NSW 11 month baby

Hi My baby also does the 40 minute cycle during the day. I find that sometimes i try to keep her awake for the morning nap so she gets really tired by the afternoon nap time and do 2 cycles ( 1 hour 20 minutes) but u will need to be nearby when she switch cycles and pat her back to sleep! THis works for my baby but not all the time as sometimes she is just too tired to stay awake and i had to let her sleep! Hope that helps!
My 5 month old does pretty much the same thing. He will only have a nap between each feed of about the same time unless, as someone else wrote, he misses out due to a change in routine or upset and then he will sleep slightly longer after the next feed. Does your baby sleep all through the night? Mine goes to bed at about 10pm after the last feed and then wakes about 7 or 8, maybe later if he stirs a couple of time during the night. It is very time consuming as they demand a lot of attention when they are awake for so long. I often find I get very little done in a day. I try to put him on the play mat on the office floor or leave him in his highchair while I do some housework or sit him next to me in the office and it seems to keep him amused for slightly longer. He just prefers to keep upright a lot of the time. I have alos put him in the pram and pushed it back and forth with my foot while I am doing paperwork or preparing tea or generally doing something on the spot. He whinges for a few minutes but if he is tired he goes to sleep pretty quickly and I don't have to worry about putting him down or going to sleep in my arms.
Hi Lil,

My little Jody does that too, although she usually on has two half our sleeps during the day and that is it!

What I do try to do though, is allocated another time during the day where she has "quiet time" I don't put her down to sleep, she just has to sit with me quietly without racing around the house, even if we watch tv for even 5 minutes and then extend it to longer.

It doesn't necessarily mean it will lead to sleep time, but at least for a little while, you might have time to sit and have a cuppa or just a little rest! I enjoy it because Jody doesn't stop all day!
Good Luck!

Kym, NSW, 12 1/2 month, girl

hello This is my first day here, so i'm not too sure what i'm doing. I'm ecstatic to learn i'm not alone with a baby who only has 40 minute catnaps. I have had 3 other kids, and not one of them has behaved like my new little man. I'm so exhausted i feel like i am going mad some days. My baby sometimes only has one 40 minute nap, and maybe another 30 minute one a day. He doesn't go down at night until 12.30 AM, and then needs comforting almost hourly all night.This leaves me utterly exhausted. My son won't take to solids as yet, and is fully breast fed. He is very chubby, and seems to be getting enough milk. If anyone has any bright ideas i would love to hear them. Thanks very much. gasp)

Cathryn , Vic , 4 sons, youngest born in June ' 03

Hey Lil

Why 40 minutes?
My 7.5 mnth old boy has been doing this for months now and I've come to the realisation that that's all the sleep he must need at whatever time he has it! If he does that 3 times a day I'm over the moon. Though lately it's only 2 times.
At least he is sleeping and you can plan to do something in that time even if it doesn't seem that much. I know some mums who's babies don't even sleep that much...

Best of luck to us all!!


mum of 2

My 9 1/2 month old little girl ALWAYS had 40 minute sleeps (even in the sling, the carseat or on my chest and she never slept in the pram) and would wake up still sooo tired (crying and rubbing eyes) but I eventually stopped fighting her CATnaps and threw in the towel with the resettling technique I learned at a week stay at the "sleep clinic", (which was only distressing her and her mummy evenmore). I was told by the clinic sister, the sleep clinic and even a sleep professional (who we paid to come to the rescue on a Sunday-to no avail) to put her back in the cot as soon as she showed the "tired signs" (but they are really hard to determine when your bub is chronically overtired) so after months of her being in the cot for 40 mins every couple of hours she has finally stretched out 1 or sometimes both of her daysleeps to 1hr 20 mins (2 cycles of 40 mins) YAY! I found that putting her back to bed after only being awake for 2 1/2 hrs maximum in the morning helps.And a bottle BEFORE her sleep works best for us rather than the "text book" FEED, PLAY, then SLEEP routine. Our typical day: up at 6am, breakfast, play, bottle, bed at 8.30am. Up at 10am, play, lunch, bottle, bed at 1.30pm. Up between 2.15 and 3pm then dinner at 5pm, bath, bottle and bed at 6.30 (although she is taking a while to go to sleep, and does wake once in the night for a feed). I have tried lots of ways to get rid of the night feed: controlled crying [FERBER], trying to decrease the amount of formula each night [PANTLEY] water to resettle [Ngala], wrapping, etc but no luck. Things have improved tremendously, so now I try enjoy each day (cos I was wishing the months away and now want things to stay as they are with my gorgeous little girl). Keeta's mummy xxx
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