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6 month still feeding at night - need advice Lock Rss

Need some advice - I have a 6 month old baby boy who still wakes up during the night for a feed, he will drink all of his bottle which is 225 mls and he is on solids. There is not an exact time during the night but he will usually go down for 5 to 6 hours and then wake for a feed, I have tried the water, I have tried patting etc and he will not stop crying until he gets that feed. After the feed he will go down for another 3 to 4 hours. I would really like to stop this feed for him to get a much more solid sleep. He has a morning and afternoon sleep which he usually sleeps for 2 hours. I am thinking of going to a sleep school for a night to maybe do controlled crying - not sure whether to wait another month before doing this - oh, by the way I think he is teething, but he has always woken for this feed. Any advice I welcome. Thanks

Christine, Vic

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Thanks for your advice I will let you know how I go as I will try to wean him off one of his naps probably the one after 4pm - I do use a dummy.


Christine, Vic

Hi ruts,

I think it's very important for our sanity and health, to get bubs sleeping thru. A good sleeping routine is great.

I did the control crying with my dd at about 4 months and it has worked well. I put her down about 7.30pm and then wake her for quick roll over feed at 10.30pm. She then sleeps until about 6.00am.

The idea is to teach them to put themselves to sleep, so when they wake up in night, they can resettle themselves. Try to settle bubs, without picking up and/or feeding him. I used dummy.

At this age they need day naps, so I wouldnt recomend dropping afternoon nap, it would just result in overtired baby which is even harder to settle.

Good luck.

Pamela, SA, mum to Lisa 23.10.03

Hi everyone,

I have heard of some great stories with control crying, and i would say have a go if you have the patience. It usually takes about a week to see some results, but worth it in the end,

Best of luck,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m


My little guy (nearly 5mth) does the exact same thing, falls asleep approx 7pm wakes approx 1am for a quick feed and then sleeps to around 6am. So I know how fustrated you must feel. Controlled crying (for me) isn't an option, at that time of the night anyway, I don't think I'd have the patience. You didn't mention if your little boy already has a dummy. But what I have been doing is trying my very hardest to substitute the middle of night feed for the dummy, up until now I have been the dummy, but I am finally seeing a little light at the tunnel as he is slowly accepting it.

Funny....I never wanted to give him a dummy and then when I did, he didn't want it and now I find myself pushing him to have it..........

Good Luck...I know how you feel.

baby boy, 12/03

Hi all,

My boy is 5mths today, and still wakes for a feed through the night. He doesn't have a dummy and is not on solids, and I figure if he wants it he can have it. Some nights he'll go for 6 hours without a feed other nights it's 3 hours, but generally I get two stretches between 4 and 6 hours. Luckilly if he is not hungry he'll have a stretch a small cry and put himself back to sleep.

I figure they are just like us, sometimes we wake up thirsty in the middle of the night and need a drink to get back to sleep easily. Bubs only way of doing that is to wake us up as well.

Try not having a snack or drink in the middle of the night next time you wake up wanting one and see how easy you find it to go back to sleep - I did this and now I find it very easy to get up give the little fella what he wants and then we both get a few more hours of good sleep - he's dropped a feed on his own accord before so I figure when he's ready he'll do it again.

Hope this has made sense, and good luck with whatever you decide to do. Only you know what is best for you and your bub.

Take Care

Emma & Jayden, WA

Hi Christine,
I also have a 6mnth old boy who wakes every night for a feed and I know how hard this can be when you are really tired.My little boy doesn't cry but thrashes around and refuses to settle until his belly is full.I also have tried patting, rocking,the dummy but nothing seems to work.After the feed he goes back to sleep quickly, so for that I am grateful. My baby won't hardly sleep during the day though.I am currently trying to settle him for sleeps at a set time morning and afternoon.It is not going all that well. In the past he has been used to falling asleep in my arms but wakes when put down.I know that if I continue to do this I am not only making things hard for myself but am not allowing my baby to learn how to self settle.I am currently trying soft music, a dummy, patting but he just gets so distressed.When he does finally sleep it is no long than 30 min. Any tips?

Kelly, NSW, 6mth baby boy

Hi Christine,
I don't want you to feel disheartened when you read this, but my baby boy is 11 months old and I've only just been able to stop feeding him during the night in the last 2 weeks!! He'd wake at any time between midnight and 4.00a.m. and would absolutely 'crack it' if I didn't give him a boob!! I'd try to resettle him with dummy, patting, rocking, leaving him to cry (I only tried this for 2 was way too hard in the middle of the night), but nothing would console him unless he was fed.
When he was around 6 months old, I got very stressed about the situation because supposedly they should be sleeping through by that age. It seemed like everyone else's baby was sleeping through and eveyone was always asking "is he sleeping all night yet??"
Eventually I decided not to stress about it. When he woke in the night, I'd get up, give him a quick feed, put him back in the cot and go back to bed. I could live with this and I figure it's only for such a short time in the scheme of things...and who makes the rules about what age a baby should sleep all night anyway??
The hard thing is the tiredness you feel during the day, but I suppose you get used to that and when those full nights of sleep finally come, they'll be appreciated so much!!
Luke still wakes around 5.30a.m. (he goes to bed at 7.00p.m.) and I give him a feed when he wakes. Usually he'll go back to sleep until 7ish, but sometimes after his 5.30a.m. feed he wants to get up and start the day (that's pretty tough).
So take heart...there are millions of 6month (and older) babies around the world who are waking at all sorts of times during the nights....they're still so tiny and if they need some lovely warm milk in the middle of the night, then I think that's okay..(even if it's really hard for us mums)
Good luck
I want to thank everyone for their advice as it has been most helpful. I would just like to say that my little boy is now sleeping through without a feed until about 7 - 8am. I never did anything much different he just changed himself. I feel that when a baby wants to do something they will it is just a matter of us parents being patient. I big thank you again.

Bye for Now

Christine mother of Tyson

Christine, Vic

hi my name is catherine, i have 2 boys Ryan 2 years and Alex 7 months, Ryan woke thew the night till he turn 2 after Alex was born , Alex wakes al lthe time so i try first to resettle himatting giving back dummy, if that dosnt work i feed him its the quickest and less stressing way to get us both back of to sleep ,I dont think there is such thin as babys sleepin thew as 6 mums in our mums group not 1 of there babys slept well. at the moment i am serviving on 2-4 hour sleep its hard , Alex has solids 3 times a day and still wont sleep . alot of it is separation anxiety .controled crying is to stresful .I just happy giving him boob its the easies and more relaxing. catherine

hi there i too know how you feel what are you supposed to do you get advice from everyone when it comes to sleep and your babies some good and some bad at the end of the day you have to do whats best for you and baby my son who is 8mths old woke about 6times last night and thats a bad night for him and a good night is 2 to 3 times. I have tried everything, controlled crying for 3 weeks it didnt do a world of good, I did the dummy but took it off him because sometimes he was waking every 10mins for me to put it back in, I did co sleeping, the no cry solution, but nothing worked my partner if he isnt working till 2am will go in and settle him back to sleep by rubbing his back but i cant do that he gets more upset cause he can smell my milk. but if your partner can go in and do that it may help also i was advised to streach out his day feeds to about 3 hours i still demad feed but i may try that to see if it works and then instead of having a snack he has a good feed. I think as a parent you are told a good baby is one that sleeps and that you are a great parent if your baby sleeps through i think thats crap im a great mum but i know i could be a tad better if i had more sleep hang in there there must be a light at the end of the tunnel im sure
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