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not eating, not sleeping??hlp? Lock Rss

hi All...Im a newbie to the site so hope to caht and meet you all soon.
My little angle...Rhani Jo 14 weeks old and we've been having sleep issues for sometime now, but were workinon them. she dosnt like to sleep during the day. worry is now that the last 2 days rhani has been off her day bottles , 7am and 11 am, dosnt want to touch them and today it was the same , and the afternoon bottle also. It wasnt till tonight 5.30 she had only 100 mls. She did do a greenish poo today, could it be a belly ache or bug of sorts? Is she not feeding properly cause of her lack of sleep routine? Im starting to stress ans today was a doozy? i cant bleive the lil honey can go all that time without sleep and bottle.

hope theres some advice out there.... take care...Lesarose
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Gold Coast 5mth old Baby Girl

Go to the doctor! If you are stressing and you know something is not right then go with your gut instinct and get it checked out.

Green poo one of the signs for dehydration.

Hope the sleep and feeding issues clear up.
Greenish poo can mean all sorts of things - but go to the doctor if you're worried!

Babies can go through periods of 'refusal' where they just won't take anything at all. This is particularly distressing for us mums!

I just want to relate a story to you. My little girl had colic for a short period of time which resulted in the green splat poo and heaps of NO sleep!!! (This was around the age of your baby now) During this time she also did breast refusal - where she WOULD not feed. She would only feed at night time when she was calm enough to feed.

Perhaps this is what is happening to your baby - but perhaps not as well. I would seek help from a close-by baby clinic if you are at all concerned.

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

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