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Cant put down baby?Try hug-a-bub! Lock Rss

Just thought I'd let you mums know if you havent heard already about the hug-a-bub.. I reckon its the best mothering product around!

I couldnt put my son down as he had so much wind all the time. I had to carry him everywhere.. My arms were killing me and I couldnt get anything done..

It is a baby carrier that leaves you totally hands free as it has total head support even for newborns and it doesnt hurt your neck, shoulder or back muscles at all.. I use mine all the time and dont even use my pram anymore.

I cook and clean with it and dont have to put my son down anymore and have him upset.

I wish I had it for my first child! There are some on ebay if anyone wants to have a look:

It is great for colicky, windy babies and babies that like to be carried generally!

Has anyone found this too?

Brodie's mama, NT

I also have a hug-a-bub and found it great with my sleepless boy. We still use it now when we go out and he is 8 months. I actually have quite a few slings and find this one the most comfy but a little bit fiddly to get on and off when I go out shopping.
I'm still practicing putting mine on with the video smile

Steph VIC Mummy to one gorgeous boy

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