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My daughter is 9 1/2 months and we are having a little trouble with bed time we have a really good routine at night with bath, book, bottle and she is tired rubbing her eyes etc. The thing is as soon as she gets into her cot she starts her screaming and does so for 1/2 an hour before she wears herself out and goes to sleep I am going in and lying her back down every couple of minutes (no talking of course) but she just crawls around or stands up laughting, crying or a bit of both - when i go in she stops crying and just laughs at me does anyone have any suggestions to make bed time a little quietier in our house.

felicia, taranaki,nz

Hi Felicia,

My girlfriend had a similar problem with her daughter, she called tresillian and they come out to see her and they suggested leaving the bedroom door open so they can still see you and re assure them that you are still there& will be there when they wake up, and that it is bedtime. She will soon learn, it only took my friends little one about 2 weeks to realise that when she was in bed she had to sleep..

If your still having problems in a couple of weeks maybe call a parent help line or something.

Hope this helps

I don't know what it's like with a 9.5 month old but I've always been told that if bub stops crying when you come in the room then there isn't anything really wrong. It sort of sounds like she's playing a game and protesting with you coz she knows if she cries you'll come pretty soon. I know it's like controlled crying but maybe after each time you go in leave it an extra minute or two longer before the next time you come in. She'll still know you'll come if she cries but she'll get sick of waiting so long for the next time (if you get what I mean?) Also she may need to go to bed a few minutes earlier? I know with Jeb if he's just the smallest bit over tired it takes a little for him to go to sleep sometimes (but he is a bit younger I know) Hope I have helped a little smile
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